AFCAT 2 2014 Result

AFCAT 2014 2 and EKT 2014 result have been released[16-Oct-2014]. This time EKT exam result has also been released along with AFCAT  for the first time.

Cut off marks for AFCAT 2 2014: 123 [Out of 300]

Cut of marks for EKT 2014: 45 [Out of 150]

How to check AFCAT 2 2014 result?

Use your AFCAT 2 2014 details to log into the site using the following link:

Login for AFCAT 2 2014 result

After login into the site you can access you result.

AFCAT 2 2014 marks

What if you pass in AFCAT but fail in EKT?

People who have opted only for technical branch will have to qualify for both clear both EKT and AFCAT. As seen from the above even though this particular student has passed in AFCAT, he has failed to get cut off in EKT, hence he has failed and will not get call letter.

If a candidate has opted for other branches[non-technical] also, he will be called for SSB even if he fails in EKT but won’t be considerer for technical branch.

AFCAT 2 2014 cut off marks [123] is less compared to AFCAT 1 cut off marks [127]

People who have failed in EKT but have passed in AFCAT will get call letter provided they have selected other branches.

As one can see the cut off mark in EKT is very low indicating that the students were not able to perform very well in that subject and they need .


  1. Sumit Kumar

    can you please suggest some books for mechanical engg?
    1. There are no specified books for EKT at present, we have launched EKT EEE and ECE online coaching course but for Mech and CSE/IT will take some time.

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