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10 Best Habits of A Serious Defence Aspirant

Who is a defence aspirant? A young candidate who want to be like a defence officer. Being a defence aspirant you must have noticed the personality of a defence officer,...

Who is a defence aspirant? A young candidate who want to be like a defence officer. Being a defence aspirant you must have noticed the personality of a defence officer, how simple and unique they are. To be a defence officer you have to be like that in your daily life because habits and your actions which are basic constituents of your attitude determine your altitude in your life. In this article, we will be sharing some important habits of a serious defence aspirant.

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  1. Time management – A good aspirant never waste his time, he always respect the value of time, it does not mean that he study for hours and hours in a day but it simply means that they manage their time . They also do what they like to do ( hobbies ) or enjoy with their friends but they keep a track of time as well. They just do enjoy to relax their mind during the break so that they again get back and study well.
  2. Healthy physical and mental state – They do some kind of exercises and physical activities everyday for sure. They indulge themselves in such activities that keep their mind and body active so that they can have  a healthy body and mind that helps them to keep themselves happy and lively even under the stress.
  3. Smart + hard worker – Defence aspirant always work in a smart way. They do not just start studying or preparing , they always analyse, make blue print of the strategy to prepare with the right orientation that leads them to their success.
  4. Stoical mover – They have a very strong mindset to work under any condition , no matter what the situation is they have strong motivation to succeed because SSB is that testing method in which rarest of the rare pass and sometimes people get selected in 6-7 attempt too. So it requires a lot of patience and consistent hard work and motivation to keep going towards your goals even after such failures in life.
  5. Leadership skills –  An aspirant not only shows his skills during the assessment only but he do that in his daily life. He take initiatives whenever required and take responsibilities and right decisions at right time that makes them a mature and a person that SSB needs. You can not form good answers for your interview if you have not done good and right things in your life.
  6. A social element – A defence aspirant is a good social element , who has a mature and appreciable way to talk to people present in their surroundings. This enhance their social adaptation and social skills.
  7. Active observer – An active aspirant is a  curious observer of everything happening around the world and even well known about his own surroundings. He is a sharp minded person who is mentally active that makes his personality bold.
  8. Logical thinker – A serious aspirant is always a logical thinker . He always analyse the situation ,hurdles , resources and take decisions logically. His logical attitude automatically increases his self-esteem by always doing right things in life and never regretting in his life. This trait helps him to make all kinds of decisions during the GTO tasks. So make it a habit to  analyse and take right decisions in your daily life to build up your personality.
  9. Will power and determination – A serous defence aspirant never leaves a task incomplete . No matter how many hurdles comes his way, he always find solutions to this and solve all the problems to achieve his goals . No matter how many negativity and distraction comes his way , he has a strong will power to work hard and achieve his goals .
  10. Optimistic approach in life – A serious defence aspirant is always optimistic in life. He overcome his hurdles and weaknesses by practising and working on them and by making them their strength. They do not see that as a problem but an opportunity to accept challenges and find best out of a situation.

All these habits and qualities that almost all the serious defence aspirant follows are very crucial and they do not follow them FOR 1-2 months just to prepare for SSB  but they make these things their habit which they practise all the time so that they can inculcate those habits in their personality that is ultimately going to help them in SSB. Hence, they are of high importance, transform yourself from an aspirant to a serious aspirant to achieve your goals.

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