5 Best Ways to Improve Your Physical and Mental Wellness before SSB Interview

Barely four hours of sleep, dehydrated, and without eating breakfast you leave for the interview. How do you think the interview will go? Do you think that there are some chances of your selection? Even though you worked very hard for your exam throughout the year, you have all the knowledge that the selectors want in a candidate, but yet you are not selected.

So what happened and what went wrong? The answer to the question is because of your unorganized routine, and because of that, you are not able to answer the questions properly. So one’s physical and mental well-being before the interview is very crucial. , we are going to talk about 5 ways that you’ll use to enhance your physical and psychological state before the SSB interview in detail.

1) Physical Exercises

Physical exercises like running; lower abdominal workouts, pushups, squats, and jumping can help to boost your physical health. 

a) Running for about 2-3 kilometres not only strengthens but also helps build strong muscles, maintain a healthy weight, improve cardiovascular fitness, and so on.

b) Planks and pushups: Planks and pushups aid in the development of full-body strength. The push-ups will target your triceps, biceps, and anterior deltoids, while the plank will target your abdominal muscles, glutes, and hamstrings. These two exercises work together to build strength throughout your whole body. 

c) Squats: Squats are excellent for burning calories and losing weight, but they also help to reduce the chances of injuring your knees and ankles by strengthening the bones, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the leg muscles.

d) Abdominal workouts: Abdominal workouts improve weight-bearing capacity, reduce back pain, improve body posture, and aid in the development of body and core strength.

e) Jumping: Jumping increases strength and power, builds muscles, burns fat, improves body balance, increases oxygen capacity, and improves metabolism, among other benefits.

2) Eating healthy food

It’s hard to believe, but yes, it’s scientifically proven that the food you intake affects your psychological state. Eating healthy foods boosts the expansion of “good” bacteria, which positively affects neurotransmitter production.

 While processed food or fast food, on the other hand, can cause inflammation that hinders production. When the production of neurotransmitters is good, your brain receives the positive messages and reflects them in your emotions But when production goes uneven, then it negatively affects your mood. So once you follow a healthy diet there’ll be fewer chances of mood fluctuations and thus improves your ability to focus. Therefore, it is necessary to have a healthy diet that consists of protein, carbohydrates, and nuts. 

3) Doing yoga and meditation

In a study conducted by Harvard neuroscientists, they found that after practicing meditation for about half an hour per day for eight weeks, they found that the group that practiced meditation had thickened in four different regions of the brain. 

The left hippocampus (which encodes verbal memory and plays an important role within memory, but the precise nature of this role is debatable).

The temporo parietal junction, or TPJ, is responsible for collecting all information from the external environment as well as from within the body and processing it.

In a region of the brain stem called the Pons, which handles the unconscious processes like breathing, sleep cycle, etc., there is the production house for lots of regulatory neurotransmitters.

The amygdala is the part of the brain that is responsible for anxiety, stress, detection of threats, and fear-related behavior. This area got smaller within the group. So meditation not only reduces stress but also changes your brain. Other than this, it also boosts your mood.

Meditation involves the discharge of hormones that are responsible for the emotions of happiness and joy. It also enhances your self-awareness and helps you become alert to yourself. Increasing self-awareness will make your mind clear and help you concentrate properly. Your mind becomes clear and you’re able to observe your thoughts. It reduces worry, calms the mind, and slows the heart rate. It lowers the cholesterol level and boosts blood flow, so it can be said that it boosts overall health and well-being. 

4) Proper sleep cycle

Since our body has its own clock and it works in keeping with the daily routine that we follow, for instance, after we come to life. So, it is important to create a routine and follow it daily. Approximately 6-7 hours of sleep is sufficient. Getting proper sleep has many benefits I prefer it reduces stress or anxiety, improving your mood. You will be less irritable and intolerant, and you will be able to think more clearly so that you’ll be able to give your best in the interview. Therefore, it’s vital to have the correct amount of sleep before going to an interview. 

5) Develop a positive attitude

Having a confident and optimistic attitude allows you to affirm your positive image of yourself and confidently convey your answer. If you keep up with this motivated and positive attitude, there are a good number of chances of your selection. Therefore, it is vital to have this positive mindset during the interview.


There is a famous saying by Roy T Bennet “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” It is a human tendency to want everything to be perfect. Everything must be the perfect thing. We want to control everything, but one should remember that you cannot control everything. You want your interview to be perfect, so when you don’t know the answer to any particular question, you get frustrated and irritable and leave a not-so-good impression in the interviewer’s mind. So instead of this tendency of controlling everything (which even can’t be in your hands) and later regretting it, one should focus on things that are in their hands and should not worry about the rest because it is a waste of time, it doesn’t change anything and nothing comes out of it except negativity, so one should shift all their positive energy towards the thing which you can do. Best of luck if you are going to the interview be calm and optimistic

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