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10 Tips To Overcome Failure And Be Positive For All Defence Aspirants

Life is not a still picture. It is more like a storyline with different twists and turns. The more incidents happen, the more the story becomes interesting.  In life, failures...

Life is not a still picture. It is more like a storyline with different twists and turns. The more incidents happen, the more the story becomes interesting. 

In life, failures are the obstacles that come to change the ways and mindsets of individuals. But some failures have a huge effect upon us. It stops us from achieving our goals by distracting us from the pain, sadness and sorrow that comes with failure.

Failures make us believe that we are not enough, by making us lose hopes and dreams. It is important to learn the ways through which you can overcome failure and be positive all the time. 

  1. Accept what happened

Acceptance is the first step to creating peace in mind. We have built a  culture that allows people to make excuses and brush the responsibility under the carpet. You need to accept the truth of failure instead of running away from it. It might be a huge task at first but eventually, the more you would accept the reality, the more peace will prevail inside you.

Taking responsibility for the mistakes and failures helps one to control the emotions and think about the future. 

You create a possibility to move and grow when you admit the failure in your mind, instead of ruminating on the same failure. 

  1. Accept that failure is part of the life

Failures are a part of life. No person on this earth has ever been born who has not failed even a single time in life. Failures give you a chance to learn and be mentally strong. 

To achieve something, you will have to go through a process and many obstacles would come in between. These obstacles are called failures which are meant to stop, degrade and demotivate you. But here is a thing, you can’t let failures stop you because you have to achieve your ultimate goals. 

You have a  limited time, and that can’t be used for ruminating over the same failures again and again. You need to accept that the failures would come in the process, but you should not be distracted by them. Instead, the failures should make you more focused on your goals. 

  1. Practice Healthy Coping Skills and avoid unhealthy ones

Coping from pain, sadness that comes after the failure is necessary. Every human being suffers a certain level of anger, sadness and pain after getting failure. So, to cope With these, do you need to indulge in bad habits? 

Not, instead, there are healthy coping skills that can help you in lessening the burden of failure. 

Indulging in alcohol, cigarettes and other vicious bad habits behind the curtains of failure is the most stupid thing. These habits might provide peace for the short term, but they create various health issues for the longer term, which is again not a very good sign for a person who is trying to get out of failure sadness. 

That’s why you should try to include healthy habits to cope with failures. Cycling, hitting the gym, swimming, painting, and anything else that you love should be done while you cope with failures. 

  1. Thinking Your Way Through Failure

So now you stopped ruminating on the failure, it is high time that you look forward to the failures. Failures do not define you, nor anyone would care how many times you failed until you succeed. So. It is better to leave the burden of failure behind and look for the future. 

Understand that everything happens for a reason, and the right time reveals that reason. You owe a good future to yourself. So this is your responsibility to think beyond failures and create a master plan for success and a better future. 

  1. Create a Plan for Moving Forward

A plan is a structural method of achieving goals. Even if you received failures, you should make a plan to achieve the goal in which you received failure. 

Nothing comes without a price and pain. Since you got the pain in the getting the failure, it is time that you pay the price by creating the plan a, following it consistently by doing hard work. 

The plan helps in guiding the mind when everything else doesn’t work. The plan gives consistency to the efforts that the person puts in. So it is very important to create a plan for the future after getting a  failure. 

  1. Address the cause of the failure

Failure is an integral part of life and is very common. But what is not common, is the reasons behind them. 

The reasons can harm the future again if not dealt with properly. So, analyse your failure find the causes that lead to the failure and try to correct them in your next attempt 

Addressing the causes of the failure and correcting them. Consistently would give you the confidence to achieve your goals. 

Also, every case gives you a lesson to learn. 

  1. Practice mental contrasting

Mental contrasting is the process of self-regulation that is required for long term and strong goals. In simple words, the individual first imagine the goals, then contrast them with reality. The person understands the differences between both situations. And he does all the thing that is required to shorten the difference. Ultimately, the individual achieves the goals with his hard work and consistency. 

After getting failure, you should also do the same. Imagine yourself with your goal, find the differences between the future and present situations. Then do what is required and the most appropriate way. 

  1. Find inspiration and support from your world

You are not alone here. Understand that the generation came before you and the generation that will come after you. Everyone in their lifetime has to have face failures. Struggles are meant to decorate your life with twists and turns so that your story can be beautiful and interesting. Don’t fear struggles and failures. 

Find famous people who have gone through such failures and try to know about what they did in their case. As for support, you can seek out the help of your friends and family. They are the biggest strength pillars of your life because any level of failure can’t separate them from you and neither does their love for you. Talk to them and get their advice. Speak your heart out instead of keeping things inside you. 

  1. Improve your self-esteem

Failures diminish the self-esteem level of the individual. Just like you should take care of your health, self-esteem should also be taken care of. 

A good and healthy body gives physical strength and likewise, good and healthy self-esteem gives mental strength. 

Always remember, not every war is fought on physical strength, some are meant to be fought from the mind. 

Failures create an aura of self-doubt around you, which must be vanished by keeping a high self-esteem level. Because once the self-esteem or confidence is gone, the success is also gone. 

  1. Don’t let other’s Criticism Deter you

A person does not fear failure as much as he fears the criticism that comes with failure. Always remember that this is your life and your responsibility. It is supposed to be hard, same time. And your life must not be framed on the opinions of other people. Criticism should be fuelled to the vehicle of your aspirations, and you must not fear them. Do accept your failures, make a plan and do whatever is right to do because people are gonna talk about it anyway. Don’t let people opinions and criticism roast your energy level down any day. Instead, swear to destroy every thought and criticism that undermines your self-esteem. 


Failures are an integral part of life and must be treated as the same. They are meant to amend our ways, thinking and productive power. Failures are the pushback buttons that help in focusing the perspective on the right goals. 

Failure always has a very negative effect on the individual’s body. And that is the reason why we have discussed ways to overcome failures and be positive. First the individual needs to accept the failure, make a plan, do mind contrasting and then execute the plan. After, one should not ruminate on failures for their whole life. All the best. 

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