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Best Ways To Prepare For AFCAT 1 2024 And Score 200 Plus Marks?

Dear Air Warriors, We are going to discuss the best ways to prep for the AFCAT 1 2024 Exam and how to score 200 plus marks. Many candidates are easily...

Dear Air Warriors, We are going to discuss the best ways to prep for the AFCAT 1 2024 Exam and how to score 200 plus marks. Many candidates are easily able to clear the paper while few miss the chance with a very low margin. I have seen my friends who had scored 156 where the cutoff was 157 this time. Very silly mistakes and an Inch change in your preparations led to such a score. Here are some tips, by which you will not only pass the exam but also be able to score above 200 easily.

Best Ways To Prepare For AFCAT 1 2024

Let us first know the pattern of the paper. AFCAT Paper comprises 100 questions and each question of 3 marks, so the total marks are equal to 300.

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The paper is divided into 4 sections

  • Numerical Ability
  • English
  • Reasoning Ability
  • General Knowledge and Awareness

This time we saw a change in the pattern of the paper. Earlier 25 questions were asked from the English section, and now it was 30. From maths questions were increased from 18 to 20 and 25 questions were asked from the reasoning section instead of 32 while 25 questions were asked from the GK section.

SubjectNumber of Questions EarlierNumber of Questions Now
Numerical Ability1820
Reasoning Ability3225

Now if we see the holistic approach to achieving 200+ we have to make our basics and foundation strong for every section of the paper.

Reasoning is a very good section to score where a candidate if practiced enough can easily do 20-22 questions out of 25 which mainly are from Analogy, Classification, Venn Diagram, Statement, and Conclusion in verbal and non-verbal series, Figure completion, and Dot Situation.

For preparing the reasoning section, SSBCrackExams is providing a course on AFCAT 1 2024 where conceptual and consolidated materials are provided. This course also includes Previous Year Questions with complete solutions, and Live Q&A classes, with 50+ questions in time-bound Quizzes.

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AFCAT 1 2024: Now we come to the Maths section.

20 questions will be asked in this section which will be from only a few topics

  • Percentage
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Profit and Loss
  • Speed and Distance
  • Time and Work
  • Average
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Number System

If you look into these sections, you may notice that once you are cleared with the basics of each chapter, AFCAT will become very easy for you. Try to analyse the previous year’s questions and solve them.

While analysing you will notice out of 20 questions (previously 18) only 3-4 questions are difficult while the rest of them are doable if concepts are cleared.

Some tips –

  1. Since Percentage and Profit and loss are very much alike, try to complete these chapters together. There is a High probability of questions coming from mixture and allegations, so never skip that portion.
  2. Similarly, do the Average Ratio and proportion chapters together. You can see the questions from the previous year’s paper in these chapters, they are almost the same.
  3. Questions from Simple and Compound interests are of the same concept every year. Even the chapter is not that much longer, so I would suggest you have a good grip on it.
  4. Learn shortcut tricks for every question in the chapter on time and distance, and time and work. This will save time in the exam.

Now coming to the English part, there will be 30 questions according to the new question pattern.

So, after revising Antonyms and Synonyms, Idioms and Phrases, Basic English Grammar rules, Comprehension passage, and practising a good number of questions or attempting quizzes you can easily attempt 18-22 questions correctly.

AFCAT 1 2024: Now comes the GK portion.

A candidate who is well aware of GK will take very little time to solve this section. Now the main topics come from static and current GK.

So, focus on your Static part and cover topics like Country Capitals, Sports, Awards, Books and Authors, Important Days, National and International Institutions and Organisations, and Indian Armed Forces, and keep updated with Daily Current Affairs and Daily Defence Current Affairs. These topics will cover around 14-16 questions in GK. Now since Polity is a static subject, you may find 3-4 questions in the paper from the polity, so brusque up this subject. Similarly, 2-3 questions from Modern History and Ancient History are also seen in the paper.

Cover these topics especially.

  • Congress Sessions – Date and President and place of the session.
  • Important Constitution Articles.
  • Constituent Assembly and its features.
  • Revolutionaries
  • Pacts like the Poona pact, Lucknow pact, and their dates.
  • Important Events and their dates like the Jallianwala Massacre, Chauri Chaura, Dandi March, etc.
  • Buddhism and Jainism.
  • Empires and dynasties – Cholas, Gupta, etc.
  • The nickname of the kings.
  • First and the last ruler of the dynasties.

From geography questions based on rivers, waterfalls, national parks, tiger reserves and some static portions related to it like Project Tiger also comes.

If you want to prepare for AFCAT 2024, SSBCrackExams provides a course that covers everything from the previous year’s questions to real-time mocks and live Q&As. Enroll now and assure yourself the mark of 200+ in AFCAT.

If you are preparing for the AFCAT 1 2024 and AFCAT 2 2024 written exam and SSB interview, you can check SSBCrackExams online courses and mock tests.

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