30 Common SSB Interview Questions For Fresher

SSB interview is not just an interview, it’s is a process of a complete assessment of a candidate’s personality through three ways – Mansa ( Psychological ), Vacha ( interview ), and Karma ( ground testing ) to check the Officer like qualities in a candidate.  A candidate is advised to be his real self and give a candid response during all the tests. One important thing to remember is that there is no fun of showing your original self if you do not have those officer-like qualities in your original self, so the best way is to develop your own personality well to showcase your original and suitable personality required in a candidate to get selected. There are no fixed questions for the interview but some questions are there that are generally asked to freshers.

1 Why do you want to join defence ?

2. Tell me about your schooling , best friends , fav teachers , subjects you liked , all the activities you were involved in , which subjects you chose after 10 and why , all the competitive exams you attempted , and their results .

3. These questions are called rapid fire questions , there is nothing to panic, stay calm and they are easy to remember  because they are connected  to each other .

4. Tell me about your family , your siblings , what you like and dislike about your father , with whom you are more friendly , how you solve a problem or issue at your home .

5. What will you do if you do not get selected ?

6.Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses , what  did you do to improve them ?

7.Tell me about your hobbies , likes and dislikes ?

8.Which arm are you aspiring for ?

9.Questions related to national and international current affairs ?

10. Tell me something about yourselves ?

11. What are your  career plans ?

12.Which qualities do you like and dislike about your best friends ?

13.Who is your role model and why ?

14.Do you have boyfriend / girlfriend ? If yes tell me about his/her qualities you like and dislikes . If no , tell me about the qualities you want in your partner ?

15.Tell me about a situation when you cried / helped someone etc ,officer will give a situation based on your personality .

16. Rate your performance during the SSB out of 10 and why do you think so ?

17.What do you like to do during your free time ?

18. Which is your fav subject ?

19. Did you join any coaching institute ?

20.Tell me about the place you reside in?

21.Tell me about your participation in sports ?

22.What is the meaning of your name  ?

23. Suppose you are the Prime Minister of India for one day , what will you do ?

24. Do you smoke if yes , how often ?

25.You will be asked about military , that shows a  candidate’s knowledge and interest about the organization is aspiring for .

26. If you are given 60,000 or so how will you spend this amount ?

27.What is your daily routine ?

28.If you are granted three wishes what they would be  ?

29.Tell me about a situation when you were mentally broken and how you overcame that ?

30. With whom you want to travel in the train , parents or friends ?

No answers are right or wrong, everyone has their own reasons hence answers. So the best way is to jot down points according to your reasons and interests and then frame your answers accordingly. This way is useful to the candidates because it will be their own original thought and answers, the only difference is that they have given it a thought before to frame a suitable and sophisticated answer. 

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