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Current Affairs 25 May 2024

In Current Affairs for 25 May 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS,...

In Current Affairs for 25 May 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS, CDS OTA, AFCAT, TA, Agniveer Army, Agniveer Navy, Agniveer Air Force, Women Military Police, INET, MNS, ACC exams, SCO, PCSL, CAPF, and SSB interviews, and direct entries for Army, Navy, and Air Force like SSC Tech, TGC, JAG, NCC, TES, 10+2 Cadet. Download a PDF file about current events at the end of this article. Let us now see the Current Affairs.

Current Affairs 25 May 2024

AI Anchors Krish And Bhoomi

  • Doordarshan Kisan (DD KISAN) is going to become the first government TV channel of the country to launch two AI anchors – AI Krish and AI Bhoomi.
  • Agriculture Ministry said DD Kisan is coming with a new look and a new style among the farmers of India on 26th May where the presentation of the channel is going to be in a new avtar.
image 749
  • It said the AI anchors can speak in fifty languages and read news 24 hours and 365 days without getting tired. The viewers will be able to see these anchors in all the states of the country. These AI anchors will provide necessary information about agricultural research in the country and global level, trends in Krishi Mandis, changes in the weather and information about government schemes.

Jenny Erpenbeck’s

  • German author Jenny Erpenbeck and translator Michael Hofmann have won the prestigious International Booker Prize for their novel “Kairos.”
  • The book, which tells the story of a tangled love affair during the final years of East Germany’s existence, beat out five other finalists from a pool of 149 submitted novels.
image 750
  • The International Booker Prize recognizes fiction from around the world that has been translated into English and published in the UK or Ireland. The £50,000 ($64,000) prize money is divided equally between the author and the translator, celebrating their collaborative efforts in bringing literary masterpieces to a wider audience.
  • The translator, who is the first male to win the International Booker Prize since its current form in 2016, acknowledged the synergy between his style and the author’s, describing the English-language book as “a mixture of her order and my chaos.”
  • The International Booker Prize was established to boost the profile of fiction in other languages and to recognize the vital work of literary translators, who often go unacknowledged. By honoring Erpenbeck and Hofmann, the prize celebrates the rich diversity of voices and perspectives in global literature.

Gangetic Dolphins

  • According to a recent report by the Wildlife Institute of India, there are more than 4000 Gangetic dolphins in the Gangetic River basin.
  • Over 2000 of these dolphins are found in Uttar Pradesh, primarily in the Chambal River.
  • This increase suggests that the river’s pollution levels are declining, and the government’s conservation efforts are proving effective. The Ganges river dolphin, also known as the blind dolphin, Ganges susu, or Hihu, has the scientific name Platanista gangetica.
image 751
  • Historically found in the Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna and Karnaphuli-Sangu river systems, the dolphin is now present in specific stretches of the Ganga-Brahmaputra-Barak river system in India, as well as in river systems in Nepal and Bangladesh.
  • Gangetic dolphins are blind and live exclusively in freshwater. They hunt using sonar, emitting ultrasonic sound waves that bounce off prey. These dolphins are usually found alone or in small groups.
  • As mammals, they must surface every 30-120 seconds to breathe, producing a distinctive ‘susu’ sound when exhaling.
image 752
  • Gangetic dolphins has declined due to several factors: Unintentional killing through entanglement in fishing gear., Poaching for oil used in traditional medicine. , Habitat destruction from development projects, pollution, and noise from vessel traffic.
  • Government of India has implemented various measures to protect Gangetic dolphins: , Listed in Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, providing the highest degree of legal protection. Declared the National Aquatic Animal of India on May 18, 2010. Included in the list of 22 critically endangered species under the Centrally sponsored scheme ‘Development of Wildlife Habitats.’ Established the Vikramshila Dolphin Sanctuary in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Developed a comprehensive action plan (2022-2047) for river dolphin and aquatic habitat conservation. Declared a Dolphin Sanctuary in the Chambal Sanctuary by the Uttar Pradesh government. Launched Project Dolphin in 2019 under the Arth Ganga part of the Namami Ganga Project, aiming to double the dolphin population by 2030.
  • Established in 1982 under the Union Ministry of Forest and Climate Change, the Wildlife Institute of India trains personnel, conducts research, and advises on wildlife conservation and management. Its headquarters is in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

International Day of the Markhor

  • United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed May 24 as the International Day of the Markhor. This resolution, sponsored by Pakistan and eight other countries, aims to raise awareness and promote the conservation of this iconic and ecologically significant species found across the mountainous regions of Central and South Asia.
image 754
  • The markhor (Capra falconeri), also known as the “screw-horned goat,” is the national animal of Pakistan. It is a majestic wild goat known for its striking spiral-shaped horns, which can grow up to 1.6 meters (5.2 feet) in length, making them the largest horns of any living caprid species.
  • Once believed to be on the brink of extinction, the markhor population has gradually increased, doubling in a couple of decades, with a particular jump since 2014.
image 755
  • According to Saeed Abbas, an official with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Pakistan, “The population of the Markhor has been increasing with an annual ratio of 2% since 2014.” The current estimated population of the markhor ranges between 3,500 and 5,000, with the majority found in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province of Pakistan, followed by Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan. Despite this positive trend, the markhor remains categorized as “near threatened” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and is included in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) since 1992.
  • The resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly underlines the ecological significance of the markhor and its role in the overall ecosystem. It also recognizes the opportunity to bolster regional economies, foster conservation efforts, and promote sustainable tourism and economic growth through the preservation of the markhor and its natural habitat.
  • The markhor is not only valuable for its ecological importance but also contributes to the local economy. Conservation efforts aimed at preserving this species and its habitat will benefit the entire ecosystem, providing a significant boost to regional economies and promoting sustainable development.

World’s Highest Observatory

  • University of Tokyo has inaugurated the Atacama Observatory (TAO), which has been awarded a Guinness World Record for being the highest observatory in the world. Situated at a staggering 5,640 meters above sea level on the summit of Cerro Chajnantor in the Antofagasta Region of Chile, TAO stands as a testament to human ingenuity and determination.
  • At the heart of TAO lies a 6.5-meter optical-infrared telescope, designed to unravel the mysteries of the universe. This state-of-the-art instrument will focus on exploring the fundamental nature of the cosmos, contributing to our ever-expanding knowledge of the universe we inhabit.
image 756
  • TAO’s location was carefully chosen for its exceptional atmospheric conditions. With minimal water vapor in the atmosphere, the observatory offers an unparalleled vantage point for observing mid-infrared wavelengths, which are typically absorbed by water vapor at lower altitudes.
  • The construction of TAO was a monumental undertaking, spanning 26 years of meticulous planning and execution. To address the risks of altitude sickness for construction workers and astronomers, especially during nighttime operations when symptoms can worsen, a base facility has been constructed in San Pedro de Atacama, approximately 50km from the summit. This facility allows for remote operation of the telescope, ensuring the safety and well-being of those involved in TAO’s operations.

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport

  • Thiruvananthapuram International Airport has made history as the first airport in India to achieve the prestigious recognition of zero waste to landfill (ZWL).
  • This commendation comes from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII-ITC) Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, confirming the airport’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices.
  • Through rigorous assessment, it has been verified that Thiruvananthapuram International Airport has implemented exemplary waste management strategies, resulting in an impressive 99.50 percent diversion of waste from landfills.
image 757
  • This achievement underscores the airport’s dedication to sustainability and sets a high standard for others to follow.
  • The airport’s success in waste diversion is attributed to the implementation of cutting-edge waste management practices.
  • By effectively managing plastic waste and other materials, the airport has achieved a remarkable milestone in environmental stewardship.
  • Thiruvananthapuram International Airport’s attainment of the ZWL accolade reflects its unwavering commitment to sustainable development. As a leader in the aviation industry, the airport continues to prioritize eco-friendly initiatives, setting a precedent for responsible waste management across the country.
image 758

Cyclonic Storm Remal

  • According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), a cyclonic storm, developing in the Bay of Bengal, is expected to hit the coasts of West Bengal and neighbouring Bangladesh as a severe cyclonic storm on 26th May.
image 759
  • The IMD said that the cyclone is expected to hit the coasts of Bengal and Bangladesh on the morning of 26th May with a speed of 110-120 kilometres per hour, gusting at up to 135 kilometers per hour. The severity will remain for almost 24 hours till the morning of 27th May and then will lose intensity.
  • An orange alert has been issued by the IMD for light to moderate rainfall in Kolkata, Howrah, Nadia, Jhargram, North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas and Purba Medinipur districts.

Current Affairs 25 May 2024 Question

  1. AI Krish And AI Bhoomi Seen In News Are
    A. AI Anchors
    B. AI Teachers
    C. AI Coach
    D. AI Programmes
  2. IUCN Status Of Gangetic Dolphins
    A. Vulnerable
    B. Endangered
    C. Near Threatened
    D. Least Concern
  3. IUCN Status Of Markhor
    A. Vulnerable
    B. Endangered
    C. Near Threatened
    D. Least Concern
  4. Which State Government Has Reserved 33% Of Government Contract Jobs For
    A. Karnataka
    B. Maharashtra
    C. Odisha
    D. Bihar
  5. Theme Of ‘International Day For Biological Diversity 2024’
    A. Be part of the Plan
    B. We’re part of the solution #ForNature
    C. From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity
    D. Building a shared future for all life
  6. General To Lam Was Elected As New President Of Which Country
    A. Mexico
    B. Singapore
    C. Vietnam
    D. Mauritius
  7. Which Organization Published Report Titled ‘Global Land Outlook Thematic Report On Rangelands And Pastoralists’
    A. United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)
    B. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
    C. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
    D. World Bank
  8. Yellowstone National Park Is Located In Which Countryailway Has Launched
    ‘Tourist Smart Cards’
    A. China
    B. United States
    C. Russia
    D. India
  9. Which Country Unveiled A 10-year Blue Residency Visa For Environmental
    A. UAE
    B. India
    C. Malaysia
    D. Indonesia
  10. What Are ‘Baobabs’
    A. New species of fish
    B. Traditional medicines
    C. Deciduous trees
    D. Ancient paintings
  11. Ujani Dam Is Located In Which State
    A. Kerala
    B. Karnataka
    C. Odisha
    D. Maharashtra
  12. Which Country Reported Its First Human Case Of Avian Influenza
    A. Australia
    B. Indonesia
    C. Malaysia
    D. Rwanda
  13. ‘ Niyad Nellanar ’ Scheme Is Associated With Which State
    A. Jharkhand
    B. Chhattisgarh
    C. Karnataka
    D. Odisha
  14. Which Organization Regulates The International Bullion Exchange
    A. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
    B. International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA)
    C. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI)
    D. Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  15. Name Of The Project Being Undertaken By The State Highways Department In Tamil Nadu Around The Nilgiris’ Major Roads
    A. Nilgiris Highway Rehabilitation Scheme
    B. Soil Nailing and Hydroseeding Project
    C. Soil Conservation Farming
    D. Soil and Water Conservation Society
  16. Robert Fico Is The Prime Minister Of Which Country
    A. Slovakia
    B. Estonia
    C. Greece
    D. Hungary
  17. Where Was Third Eminent Persons’ Meeting Of BIMSTEC Held
    A. Dhaka
    B. Chennai
    C. Sylhet
    D. Bhopal
  18. Central Government Has Collaborated With Which Company To Block More Than 1000 Skype Ids Used In The Digital Arrest Scam
    A. Google
    B. Microsoft
    C. Meta
    D. Flipkart
  19. Cabinet Declared Which Day As ‘National Space Day’ In India
    A. August 20
    B. August 23
    C. August 25
    D. August 27
  20. Which Among The Following Acts Is Also Known To Be A Beginning Of The
    Parliamentary System In India
    A. Indian Councils Act 1892
    B. Indian Councils Act 1904
    C. Indian Councils Act 1909
    D. Government of India Act 1919

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