10 Exercises To Increase Your Stamina Before SSB Interview

Exercises are considered vital not only to get selected but post-selection too in the Indian Defence Forces. Exercises are critical to maintaining your physical as well as mental state fit to be in the organization.

There are many exercises that can be helpful to build stamina before the SSB interview, in this article we will be talking about some of the important exercises that aspirants should follow on daily basis to build stamina that is going to help in many SSB tasks.

1. Running –  It is the first and foremost exercise that every defence must follow. Morning is the best time to do that. Candidates are advised to start with a short run first, you may feel cramps in your muscles during the initial stages of running. Many aspirants feel extremely tired and find it difficult which eventually leads to quitting but you should not do that, the only the first step is difficult then it is easy to carry on. Slowly and gradually increase that run, build your stamina that is going to be helpful in the ground tasks a lot .

2. Push-ups – It is the second most important exercise that every candidate should do on the regular basis, it becomes important because during your ground tasks you need muscular strength to hold the rope and lift your body while doing tiger leap, Tarzan jump, crossing the bridge and many other ones. If you do not have muscular strength, you will not be able to do them properly which will result in losing marks in GTO tasks.

3. Squats –  It is important because of the number of muscles involved in doing that. Even if you have stamina and muscular strength you need full-body strength too otherwise during GTO tasks when you will be put under limited time and pressure of completing the tasks, your body will start shaking due to less body strength and stressful situations.

4. Balancing boards – This generally consists of all the exercises that help you enhance your body balance. If you gain strength and power after performing all these exercises, still you will not be able to perform GTO tasks well without concentration and body balance as it is tested during some tasks of individual obstacles and group tasks too .

5. Overcoming fear of heights   –  Many candidates face problems in jumping from heights probably because they have barely done it in their lives. This becomes a problem during SSB ground tasks wherein a candidate has to reach a platform and jump from it or when they are asked to walk on the ropes placed at a certain height, they hesitate to do that and waste much time there. So it is advised to overcome the fear of height by starting with a place of less height and then increasing it slowly. It can take months but it is important to perform all tasks well.

6. Skipping – Doing 30 then 50 followed by 100 skipping a day is helpful in maintaining the flexibility of the body that will be highly useful to enhance stamina for SSB tasks .

7. Sprints – These are useful to sustain the stamina that you have gained by doing various exercises. Studies have proved that sprint interval training improves indices of cardiometabolic strength, Candidate will be able to sustain his strength using this way which will be helpful for him to sustain during all the stressful situations confidentially.

8. Cycling – It is used to enhance endurance and overall body fitness. It helps in reducing the weight of an overweight person and to make a person fit. It also helps in making the body flexible and energetic which is going to be vital during the SSB tasks .

All these exercises mentioned above are important for SSB, Candidates are advised to perform all these exercises daily because stamina can not be increased suddenly, it needs some time to be built. It might feel difficult in the starting but you should not quit when you are tired but when it is done. Once you start doing exercises,  you will start sustaining it and it will become your habit. You will be able to perform well in ground tasks and get high scores during the assessment.

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