Flat Foot Issues During SSB and Tips For Treatment

Flat foot (a.k.a flat feet) is an issue which is very intimidating to any one who plans to join the Armed Forces. If a candidate is detected with a flat feet then it may lead to his/her rejection. So over the years it has became a issues of stress and misconception among applicants.

Flat Foot Issues During SSB and Tips For Treatment

How does flat foot occur?

Generally babies have a flat foot but as we grow old our foot tends to arch in the midsection starting 3-4 years of age. But in a few cases this does not happen. As a result their foot remains to be flat.

What are the cause of Flat feet aka Flat Foot:

Ans: You may notice that a baby born with flat feet, and with time our feet developes an arch, for some of us it may not develop during childhood. Age, accidents or injury can be one of the other reasons for flat feet.

How to detect Flat feet aka Flat Foot:

Ans: It is possible to detect just by looking at your feet or foot, which actually happens during medicals. Medical officer may ask you to keep your toes on ground and lifting your heel to certain level, from this he can check the amount of arch on your feet.

Normal Arch

Wet Test: You can do the wet test at home:

  1. Pour a thin layer of water into a shallow pan
  2. Wet the sole of your foot.
  3. Step onto a shopping bag or a blank piece of heavy paper.
  4. Step off and look down
High Arch


Results: There can be three different results:

  1. Normal Arch: Your feet are normal so relax.
  2. Low Arch: Can create some problem during medicals.
  3. High Arch: Can be considered as a normal for medical point of view.

You can follow some exercise to reduce flat feet by increasing arch.

  • Wear shoes which have arch support.
  • Sit on the floor and place your feet flat on the floor. Lift your left feet’s toes and foot except the heel. Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds and then do with right feet. Repeat this exercise regularly
  • Spread the feet and join the soles of the heels. Holding your feet just above the ankles. Try spreading the toes much further till you feel a stretch. Make a curve by cramping the feet and letting the toe touch the floor.
  • Join the feet together and then spread the heels on both the sides with toes joined. Do this flat feet exercise in a sitting position for best results. You can also spread the knees and join all the toe fingers together whilst keeping the heels apart. Hold this flat feet stretching exercise and repeat again after breaks.
  • Keep your heels on tennis ball with big toes touching the ground.
  • At last consult a physician also.

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    Respected Sir/Mam My Name is Abhijeet kakade, from Aurangabad Maharashtra. I am Son of ex-serviceman crops of AAD. I am preparing for Defence Exam. I am recently diagnosed with Appendicitis. Is there any Medical Rejection for removel of Appendix in Indian army. Thanking you Abhijeet kakade

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