How can Non-Math background students prepare for NDA Exam?

Every six months, over 7 lakh candidates apply for the NDA exam. Students from all disciplines apply for the exam, from PCM to PCB to Arts. However, candidates who outperform everyone else in the math section have a better chance of being chosen.

It’s not that non-math students are barred from joining the academy. They do, but they are limited to joining the Army wing, for which they must have a 12th pass. However, the Air Force and Navy wings require Math and Physics at the 10+2 level, among other things.

So How to Prepare Maths for NDA Exam?

So, while it is not required, it is obvious that without PCM subjects, a candidate is ineligible for the Navy/Air Force wing. So, you ask, Arts/Commerce students can only join the Army wing and not the Air Force or Navy? Unfortunately, yes. However, this should not be a problem when taking the exam. You simply need to study Math from an exam perspective, and the correction may be lenient in the case of non-maths students (ambiguous).

In any case, having an advantage in math will only increase your chances of being accepted into the academy. So, why take the risk and go the extra mile? Here are a few pointers to help non-math students pass the NDA exam: You may have chosen Arts/Commerce because you dislike math. However, if you want to join the academy, you must study math.

Obtain Tuitions

Spend money on a good tutor or a coaching academy. There are numerous institutes that provide specialized math coaching for NDA candidates. You could also hire a personal tutor to teach you 11th and 12th-grade math in a shorter amount of time.

Ask for help from Friends who know Maths

This is the most underappreciated aspect. Why don’t you just go ask your Math friends for assistance? They can be a good tutor to you, and there is no need for you to have any formalities with them.

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Self-Study Isn’t All Bad

Have you tried opening the book and learning it on your own? Why don’t you just go ahead and do it? The more you do it alone, the more determined you’ll become. Begin with simple chapters like Matrices and Determinants and work your way up. When you realize you can’t do it alone, seek assistance.

Invest in a Self-Study Guide

There are numerous self-study materials and guides for math available on the market. Investigate it and choose one of them. You’ll be fine if you follow it exactly.

Have a Dedicated Time Slot

You are studying this subject as a hobby in addition to your regular studies. As a result, you must set aside a specific time slot for math practice. A minimum of two hours per day is required.

Set a Time Goal

If you need to write your exam again, you have six months to prepare for math. Divide your syllabus into sections and assign a target and time limit to each chapter to be studied.

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Internet

If you have internet access to read this article on how to clear maths, you can also use it to clear your doubts. YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning new things, but it is vastly underutilized.

Previous Year’s Papers Save the Day

The goal here is to study math in order to pass the NDA exam. So, instead of solving each question from NCERT, why not just refer to what type of questions are being asked and try to solve those?

Believe in Yourself

You can’t do it unless you believe you can. Believe in yourself and be confident in the choices you’ve made. You may not succeed the first time, but you may succeed the second time.

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