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How To Become A NSG Commando – National Security Guards

NSG is Federal Contingency World Class Zero Error Force to deal with anti-terrorist activities in all its manifestation. The NSG is a Force specially equipped and trained to deal with specific situations and is, therefore, to be used only in exceptional circumstances to thwart serious acts of terrorism.

NSG Commando 4

Motto: “Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha”.

Ethos: The Ethos of the NSG is premised on the following:

  • Pursuit for excellence
  • Lead from the front.
  • Zero Error.
  • Speed, surprise, stealth, precision and accuracy are its hallmarks.

How To Become A NSG Commando

National Security Guards, a force that is known for the bone breaking assault, anti-terror operations. The force is under home ministry of India. Nick named a Black Cat Commandos; the major tasks for which NSG is responsible are terror threats, hijacking situation and rescue operations. The soldiers for this Special Forces are drawn from various forces. A short period of their training of selected people takes place at Manesar, Haryana. The training is 4 month training and focuses on making them taught and bold. Only those who complete the entire training are further sent to respective fields in this organisation. The dropout rate is about more than 50% tensile training makes it one of the elite Special Forces in the world.

The recruitment for NSGs is done in two forms. The first form is from Indian army and second form id from armed police forces of India.

How To Become A NSG Commando

Special Action Group. The group of NSGs is formed from army. It composes of more than half of the total force. So, aspirants who want to induct in NSG will get golden chance after induction in Indian army. The recruitment is done over various posts. Form rangers to assistant commandant’s posts, the recruitment are done as per eligibility. So, aspirants can either opt for upper post for that you can choose CDS, NDA and other option to get into army as commissioned officer or by direct recruitment through rallies.  After getting into army, way for NSG will also open to the soldiers.

Special Ranger Group – While special ranger group is the police segment of NSG has personals from CAPF (Central Armed Police Force), ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) and Rapid Action Force. It delivers the task of security to VIP people. The primary task of SRG is supportive to the SAG. The soldiers are sent back to their parent organisation after 3-5 years in order to maintain young profile of the force. Aspirant who want to get into the organisation through this stream can apply for CAPF (AC) examination conducted by UPSC, CPO examination by SSC or by direct recruitment rallies in CAPF forces. The induction into these force will further opens the door to NSG.

NSG Commando 3

After induction into Indian armed forces, ways to the induction into Paramilitary forces, GARUD, MARCOS and other special forces. Aspirants interested in Special Forces have to firstly get into armed forces and then into these Special Forces.

History of NSG

The Union Cabinet in 1984 took a decision to create a Federal Contingency Force comprising of personnel who are highly motivated, specially equipped, and well trained to tackle the various manifestations of terrorism. In June 1984, a nucleus consisting of the Director General of NSG and other essential elements were sanctioned and steps were initiated to raise the Force. A bill for the creation of this Organization was introduced in the parliament in August 1986 and it received the assent of the President on September 22, 1986, and the National Security Guard (NSG) formally came into being from that date.

The basic philosophy of NSG is swift and speedy strike and immediate withdrawal from the theatre of action. National Security Guard has been given the SPECIFIC ROLE to handle all facets of terrorism in any part of the country as a Federal Contingency Force. The NSG was modelled on the pattern of the SAS of the UK and GSG-9 of Germany. It is a task-oriented Force and has two complementary elements in the form of the Special Action Group (SAG) comprising Army personnel and the Special Ranger Groups (SRG), comprising personnel drawn from the Central Armed Police Forces / State Police Forces.

NSG Commando 8

NSG has successfully conducted many operations and still capable enough to deter any kind of situation. The soldiers are trained to the limit that makes them unbreakable. Several soldiers apply for getting into the group, but fail to join due to hard training and qualifying phase.

Training Centres of NSG

The Training Centre was raised on 15 Oct 1985 for training of NSG Probationers and Capacity Building of State Police Forces, it has since evolved to face the growing and multi facet threat posed by terrorism.

As a Centre of National repute of the exclusive federal CT Force of the Nation it is the most comprehensive and sought after Counter Terrorism training institute in the Nation forged by the healthy amalgamation of the best of both the CAPFs and Indian Army units. Its emergence as the defacto Centre of Excellence for Urban CT, Bomb Detection and Disposal of the country is testimony to the high standards of training being imparted.

The Centre is an apt example of seamless synergy and cooperation between the Para Military Forces and the Army. The Centre imparts world class CT skills to include, Bomb Disposal/ Counter IED training and a host of specialist courses. It also conducts Joint Exercises for CAPFs and State Police Organizations as well as CT Force from Friendly Foreign Countries.

NSG Commando 7

The Training Centre has earned a niche for itself as an elite Counter Terrorism training establishment of the country. Recently Government of India has unveiled New training centers across different parts of the Nation.

Deputation to NSG

RankAge(Maximum)Service(Minimum)Service RecordACRRemarks
Dy. comdt38 yearsNo BarNo punishment during serviceNot below VG for last 5 yrs.(if service more than 5 years)
Asstt. Comdt38 yearsNo Bar-do--do-
RankAge(Maximum)Service(Minimum)Service RecordACRRemarks
Insp.38 years (for ASSAM RIF-43 years)(a) Punishment free record for last 3 yrs (b) No major punishment during serviceNot below VG for last 5 yrs if service more than 5 yearsNo direct recruitment in the rank of SI/GD in Assam Rifle
Sub-Insp30 years (for ASSAM RIF-40 years)02 years (excl. Basic trg)-do--do-
RankAge(Maximum)Service(Minimum)Service RecordACRRemarks
HC38 years(a) Punishment free record for last 3 yrs (b) No major punishment during serviceNot below VG for last 5 yrs (if service more than 5 years)
CT27 years2 years (excl. Basic trg)-do--do-

For Instructors/Drivers/Dog Handlers/BD Squad

RankAge(Maximum)Service(Minimum)Service RecordRemarks
HC38 years(a) Punishment free record for last 3 yrs (b) No major punishment during servicePreferably who have qualified/done the courses →
(i) Platoon Weapon-‘B’Grade, (vi) Jungle warfare/LICO-‘B’
(ii) MMG-‘B’ Grade, (vii) Commando-‘Q’,
(iii) BD Course-‘B’ Grade (viii) Sniper-‘B’ Grade
(iv) MT Course-Qualified (ix) Dog Handler-‘Q’
(v) PT Course- Qualified
CT30 years2 years (excl. Basic trg)-do--do-
RankAge(Maximum)Service(Minimum)Service RecordRemarks
Insp.43 years(a) Punishment free record for last 3 yrs (b) No major punishment during servicePreferably who have qualified/done the courses →
(i) Platoon Weapon-‘B’Grade, (iv) Jungle warfare/LICO-‘B’
(ii) MMG-‘B’ Grade, (v) Commando-‘Q’,
(iii) BD Course-‘B’ Grade (vi) Sniper-‘B’ Grade
Sub-Insp40 years02 years (excl. Basic trg)-do--do-
  1. Other mandatory requirements :
    1. i) Constable and Head Constable (CT/HC) should be 12th Class Pass; ii) HCs of Assam Rifle should be 10th Pass.
    2. Should be a Volunteer;
    3. SHAPE-I medical category;
    4. Clear from DE/Vigilance angle.
  2. Preference to personnel having;
    1. Instructional grading;
    2. Served in LWE, CI Ops and high altitude areas;
    3. Undergone courses like PT, CDO, CIJW, Mountain Warfare & ToT.

The National Security Guard (NSG) – a “World-Class Zero Error Force”- consisting of Officers/Personnel from the Army, Central Armed Police Forces and State Police Forces. NSG has rendered selfless service to the Nation since it’s Raising in 1984. NSG, through its dedication, training and operational achievements, has become a formidable Force. Whenever wherever deployed, the Black Cat Commandos of the NSG have executed their task with elan and courage.

The NSG remains steadfast in its resolve to be ever ready to meet all challenges to ensure security of the Nation and live up to its motto “Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha”.

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Jai Hind!

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