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Significance Of Details Asked In The PIQ Form Regarding The Candidate’s Family

Candidates, who get screened in gets PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) form to fill up the required details. PIQ plays a crucial role in SSB selection. 90 per cent of Personal...

Candidates, who get screened in gets PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) form to fill up the required details. PIQ plays a crucial role in SSB selection. 90 per cent of Personal interview depends on your PIQ. It is the key to your interview. Filling up PIQ in the right way depends on some factors. A lot of information regarding the family is also asked in the PIQ form and it is the base of a lot of predictions and assessment regarding the candidate’s life and personality.

Significance Of Details Asked In The PIQ Form

Some of the points, which are related to the family of candidates that they must remember while filling PIQ, are mentioned below:

Sample PIQ Form


Column 4

Column 4 asks for the candidate’s place of maximum residence, present residence and permanent residence. You should be aware of the respective district, state and approximate population. It is very vital with regard to your image that the interviewer will form and many candidates consider it as just trivial information. It tells the interviewer about the type of city that is your home town, current location and the place of maximum residence. If talking in terms of facilities available in any city then it is going to be different in a metro city and will definitely vary in a small town.

• The interviewer will be able to tell you about the facilities you might have got and how judicially you used those facilities. Clearly, it gives a lot about any candidate and that’s how parameters are formed about different candidates and they aren’t judged on a single bar. A well off candidate getting all the resources and making poor choices while a not so well off candidate getting minimal resources while making proactive decisions tells a lot about decision making and optimal utilisation of resources.

5th column

The 5th column is all about your state and district, religion, category, mother tongue, date of birth and marital status. Its basic details and didn’t determine anything crucial apart from basic complementary information about the candidate.

6th column

The space in 6th column asks if the parents of the candidate are alive or not and if anyone of them died then what was his age at that time. You might be able to deduce now that a child’s psychology and upbringing is very different if his/her parents or one of the parent dies and it affects his/ her psychology to a great extent. Information about this gives the interviewer a chance to deduce whether the candidate was consciously a mature human being at that time or not along with many other factors of human psychology and behaviour.

The space c in column 6 demands information regarding your family along with siblings if any. Here, you are expected to tell about education level, occupation and income per month of your father, mother, guardian and siblings. The education level in your family can be used to predict the level of awareness that a candidate gets while growing up. A family with a higher education level will definitely make the candidate more aware of his/her surroundings along with various other topics.

• While a family with a not good level of education can be used to predict that the candidate might have been preoccupied with some sort of low level of awareness. Though, these factors aren’t concrete but used as an initial predictive sort of estimation as it is focused in the Interview to substantiate the predictions. Similarly, a family with a good amount of income would have provided the candidate with optimum resources for his/her overall personality development while the family with low income would have forced the candidate to look after the basic survival requirements.

• The type of occupation by the family members determines the influence of the occupation of family members on the candidate. The candidates with parents serving in the armed forces tend to be more aware and active in the matters and knowledge of armed forces functioning as they tend to have seen it while growing up.

• A candidate with business background might not be aware with the functioning of the armed forces and all his/her knowledge might have been as a result of books, movies and news. Here, the level of awareness will be varying but that can be formed as a base for two different candidates as they don’t have control over what their parents decided to choose as a profession.

• The basic crux is that – if the candidate with good education and income level in a family with available resources at his/ her hands used them to the optimum level or not and if the candidate with the low education and income level in the family with low available resources at his/her hands used them to which level.

• It’s all about the type of education, opportunities and resources you received and how did you make appropriate decisions accordingly. It is clear that both the type of candidates along with several other types of possible profiles would have different psychology in different situations and they would take different actions and will react differently in a similar situation.

Till now, you must have got a clear idea regarding the relevance behind asking even the basic details. As you have seen above, how even the small factors play a vital role in judging and predicting the personality and the interviewer and the psychologist can easily take an insight in the candidate’s life by seeing the above points.

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