How to Become an Indian Navy Submariner?

An Indian Navy officer’s life is filled with adventures and challenges, but it also has its advantages. For example, completing deep-sea missions in a submarine provides an officer with an unparalleled sense of excitement and pride.

The Indian Navy’s Submarine Arm is regarded as its most prestigious branch. A submarine is one of the most advanced pieces of modern machinery, capable of deep-sea diving and equipped with cutting-edge monitoring and control systems and powerful weapons. You get a one-of-a-kind chance to use cutting-edge weapons, navigational systems, communication systems, diving equipment, etc. as a Navy submariner.

You can join the Indian Navy Submarine Arm either as an

Submarine Officer

The candidate can enlist in the Indian Navy as an executive officer and afterward decide to join the submarine arm. After completing their demanding training, executive officers are initiated into the Navy’s Submarine Arm and given the “Dolphin Badge,” a badge unique to the Submarine Arm only.

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Submarine Engineer Officer

A sub-engineer is in charge of maintaining and repairing the ship’s propulsion system and other equipment.

Submarine Electrical Officer

A Submarine Electrical Officer is in charge of keeping the advanced batteries that power the propulsion system and other machinery in good working order.

Work Environment

You will be in charge of operating and maintaining contemporary submarines and their armament systems as a submarine officer. You will have a very decent understanding of how to function under pressure because you will be putting yourself through some of the most difficult training regimens to join the submarine arm.

Criteria & Requirements

Candidates must have at least a 55% grade point average in one of the following streams for their BE/B Tech degree:

Submarine Engineer Officer: Mechanical, Marine, Automotive, Mechatronics, Industrial & Production, Metallurgy, Aeronautical, and Aerospace; BS in Marine Engineering; Instrumentation, Instrumentation and Control; Automation & Robotics; Industrial Engineering; and Management and Production Engineering

Submarine Electrical Officer: Electrical, Electronics, Control, Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Power Engineering, Electronics & Communication, Control System, Power Electronics, Submarine Electrical Officer

Training and Promotion

Candidates who are chosen for the submarine specialization will be commissioned as sub-lieutenants and will complete a 22-week naval orientation course at the Naval Academy in Ezhimala, Kerala. They will then receive professional training in other naval training facilities/ships. The candidates must pass the Submarine Qualifying Board following their training.

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Opportunities for Education

Officers would have the chance to pursue higher education, such as a master’s degree in pertinent fields from prestigious Indian schools like IIT, NIT, and even foreign institutions.

Candidates can join the Indian Navy through


A candidate may submit an application for the NDA and NA examinations after passing the 10+2 with PCM. Following selection, candidates must complete four years of training before joining the Submarine Arm.

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CDS Entry

Entry into CDSE (Graduate) requires passing a written test administered by the UPSC and then being interviewed by the Service Selection Board (SSB). Only one year of training is required here before volunteers can join the submarine arm.

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Direct Entry

Candidates with a Graduate degree in engineering in suitable fields may apply for SSC positions through the direct entry process; they may explicitly apply for the Submarine Arm. Candidates will be chosen in two stages of the selection process: first, based on their performance on the graduation exam followed by an SSB Interview.

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