How To Join Basic Flying Training School (BFTS)

Today we will know about the Basic Flying Training School (BFTS) Prayagraj, and the process to join it. All the candidates who are interested to become Helicopter pilots in the Indian Army must read this article till the very end to learn about the esteemed organization.

Basic Flying Training School

The Basic Flying Training School (BFTS) is an Indian flight training institute based at Air Force Station Bamrauli in Prayagraj that trains Army Aviation Corps cadets. It was founded on December 16, 1987, with the intention of training Indian Air Force flight cadets on HAL HPT-32 Deepak aircraft. The school’s mission was changed from training IAF cadets to training cadets of the Indian Army, Indian Naval Air Arm, and Indian Coast Guard on July 5, 1999. The school was re-equipped with HAL Chetak helicopters for training Indian Army officers on December 26, 2005. Indian Army cadets attend BFTS for five months of intensive flying and ground training.

Significance of BFTS

Basic Flying Training School (BFTS) was reorganized in the year 2005 to impart basic flying training to Indian Army officers. The dedicated Qualified Flying Instructors at BFTS have trained over 800 Indian Army officers over the years.

Let us now get to the main point: How to Join Basic Flying Training School!

How To Join the BFTS?

  • To join the Basic Flying Training School one must apply for the NDA/CDSE Examination.
  • After the time of your commissioning, you have to choose the Army Aviation Branch.
  • You may get the Army Aviation branch according to your performance during the training.
  • Cadets undergoing training can apply for army aviation during training and they will get army aviation depending on their merit and performance, also on vacancies in army aviation at that point in time.
  • Serving officers can apply for Indian army aviation as and when there are vacancies.
  • Being an Army Aviation Pilot is a very challenging job, it needs a strong mental ability to make quick decisions.


We’ve already covered the fundamentals of the Basic Flying Training School. We also learned about the historical context and significance of the school. Furthermore, we discussed the process by which a candidate can be admitted there. I hope you found this article useful! More articles like this can be found on SSBCrackExams.

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