How To Prepare For AFCAT 1 2022 Exam

Jai Hind warriors in this blog we are going to discuss on preparation strategy for AFCAT 1 2022 whose notification was released today and the exam is going to be held on 12, 13, and 14 Feb 2022.

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Let’s first understand the exam pattern and syllabus of the AFCAT 1 2022 Exam

AFCAT 1 2022 Exam Pattern:

  • The exam will be MCQ based and conducted online.
  • There will be a total of 100 question with a time limit of 2 hours from General Awareness, Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Military Aptitude and English.
  • There will be +3 marks for each correct answer and -1 for an incorrect answer.
  • Candidates who opt for technical branches have to give EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test) wherein there will have to attempt a total of 50 questions in 45 minutes.
  • The questions will be based on Mechanical, Computer Science and Electrical & Electronics. The scheme of marking will be same as main paper.
  • Both the question papers are made available in English language only.
  • Standard of Questions: The standard of Numerical Ability Questions will be of Matriculation level. The standard of questions in other subjects will be of graduation level (Indian University).

AFCAT 1 2022 Syllabus of AFCAT Exam:

(a) General Awareness

  • History
  • Sports
  • Geography
  • Environment
  • Civics
  • Basic Science
  • Defence
  • Art
  • Culture
  • Current Affairs
  • Politics

(b) Verbal Ability in English

  • Comprehension
  • Error Detection
  • Sentence Completion
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Testing of Vocabulary

(c) Numerical Ability 

  • Decimal Fraction
  • Simplification
  • Average
  • Profit & loss
  • Percentage
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Simple Interest

(d) Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test

  • Verbal Skills
  • Spatial Ability

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Tips for AFCAT 1 2022 Exam:

  1. Understand the exam pattern by going through the previous year question papers(PYQ). Go through which level of questions are asked from various sections and what is your level. Identify your strong and weak sections and strive to improve.
  2. Speaking honestly, the level of exam is not that tough that you have to devote your whole days for this. Prepare for AFCAT and simultaneously keep a back-up like CDS, CGL, etc and also study for them because as your horizon of knowledge improves more are the chances of clearing the exam. Like the reasoning questions of CGL match those of AFCAT which will improve your chances of scoring as you would have solved now every possible type of question from that particular section. Just revising same questions of AFCAT won’t be enough.

How To Prepare For AFCAT 1 2022 Exam Online

  • Serious defence aspirants can join our full AFCAT online course, the course is specially designed for the AFCAT aspirants that will help them to score better marks in the AFCAT 1 2022 exam.
  • Our AFCAT 2022 Online course covers the detailed syllabus for Numerical Ability, English, GK, Reasoning and Military Aptitude for the online exam. It also covers AFCAT mock tests for better practice.

Now coming to sections:

  • Reasoning Section:
  • Practice those dot questions, they are surely going to hold big value in the exam, my additional advice would be to go through the question twice because chance of a silly mistake is very high. Syllogism, Analogy and Venn Diagram are also amongst highly important parts. RS Agarwal would be more than enough for clearing all basics and for practice you can go through our AFCAT Reasoning Bank.
  • English Section:
  • Practice for Cloze and Comprehension even though they seem easy there are high chances of silly mistakes. For Vocab you can read newspapers as it will also aid in your SSB prep, otherwise vocab is a big ocean. For Idioms and Phrases, Phrasal Errors and Spotting Errors SP Bakshi would be more than enough. In English prep you should focus more on reading because remembering all the rules and implying them in the exam is next to a dream, reading will improve your sentence formation the single most important part for Error finding, cloze, passage, etc. for practice you can go through our AFCAT Verbal Ability Questions Bank.
  • Maths Section:
  • As listed above in the syllabus section those are the same topics from where questions are asked each time. My advice would be to go for any SSC CGL Quant/Maths book you find suitable and practice all type of questions. Focus not just on solving the questions on formulas but understanding the language of questions. If you are done with the basics you can go through AFCAT Maths Question Bank. Focus on clearing concepts first and then on speed of solving. Don’t plainly memorize tricks, use them first and if you have practiced enough you will know how to approach any question
  • General Awareness Section: Let’s look at the type of questions asked in the General Awareness section:
  • Sports terminologies, trophies, number of players, nickname of players, Olympic records(notable Indian Achievements), Asian Games(Notable Achievements like first to win this, that), Indian cricket team first achievers, FIFA WC last edition winners and venue, India’s best performance, players field , Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna, Famous Sportsperson. Newspapers can be aviled to cover this section in addition to Lucent
  • Country and Capitals, Straits, seas, mountain passes, desert, volcanoes, tropic of cancer, Capricorn, Total countries in different continents, types of wind, International boundary, mountain peaks of continents and different countries, rivers of different continents
  • Planets and constellations (ranking on basis of size/moons/weight , satellites of planets , Nicknames, days based on planets)
  • Indian History: Year of battles, Nicknames, international travellers, books and authors , monuments built by, Delhi sultanate periods of dynasties, Founder and last ruler same for Mughals and all other dynasties, governor general’s and viceroy, War years’ Generals and treaties , India gate in which year , gateway of India in which year , Important Congress Sessions Mahatma Gandhi(just read the whole chapter on him in history book of 11th/12th book) other notable leaders ,first cabinet ministers , first CMs of notable states , mountain peaks of states, passes, tunnels name , railway headquarters , metro started in which year and places , national highway and waterways , airports names , stadiums , Famous National libraries and Museums, National parks, Atomic Energy Commission , ISRO/DRDO related news and facts, Dams on rivers in particular state , Ramsar sites , organisation headquarters and formation year , WHS list
  • Miscellaneous – First in India like CJI, CIC, CVC, CBI,RAW, Forces chiefs, War times PM, President Factual polity questions about constitution ,etc.
  • Nicknames, Famous books and author, Famous monument builder name, Recent government schemes and bills, Country with its capital and currency, Important cities on the bank of rivers, Planning Commission/NITI Aayog, etc

This all may seem very large with you but SSBCrackExams AFCAT Online Course would be enough for the Static Part, and refer to our Daily Current Affairs Analysis under the study material section. If you are also preparing for other exams like CGL their notes from coachings would also do.

  • Maths and Reasoning are very important because they hold high value of marks but the good thing about them is unlike General Awareness they are not that vast, there is a set of type of questions asked and if you have prepared them you will easily sail through.
  • Go for timed mock tests and my tip would be every weekend, no matter you are a fresher or have cleared the exam many times mock tests will give you an idea of self-preparation.
  • Also devote time for sports and physical activities, group exercises(like treks, cycling, camping etc) I know this sounds vague in context of written exam but believe me that these marks don’t hold any value if you are not recommended. And for recommendation you need an all round development of your personality.


Stay tunes to our blog for more tips and tricks. You should go for our specialized courses for AFCAT Exam as they have been prepared by experts and recommended by toppers.

Jai Hind

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