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Top Facilities Provided To Indian Air Force Officers

Those who don the blue uniform and serve the nation do not just fly fighter jets, or have a gun in their hands, a lot of inhibitions come with the...

Those who don the blue uniform and serve the nation do not just fly fighter jets, or have a gun in their hands, a lot of inhibitions come with the job. So the organization is kind enough to provide these brave hearts with some facilities and their families as well, which other organizations may not provide on such a scale. This article talks about the facilities every Indian Air Force Officer benefits during their service and even after retirement.

CSD Canteen Facilities

Canteens here does not just mean a place to eat, there’s a canteen in or near every Air Force Cantonment Area which contains daily use items like anything ranging from broom, soaps to watches, handbags  but at a discount rate always and is accessible to buy via a special canteen card made exclusively for soldiers and their family members.

Accomodation Facilities

Living quarters are provided to officers according to rank and upon postings in various cantonment areas to them and their families. These houses are similar to any regular one, having rooms, kitchen, bathroom, garden, parking,etc, neighbouring other officer families. These have no accommodation cost or water supply cost and minimal electricity price. For unmarried officers, billets are available which are similar to hostels.

Medical Facilities

Free of cost medical check up for officers and their families near to living areas which is open 24 hours and seven days a week is also available.

Sports Facilities

An array of opportunities are provided by The Indian Air Force when it comes to sports. Tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, cricket grounds, football grounds are available in every cantonment for them to play in their leisure time or make their game strong if they are representatives. Coaches are appointed for improvement with government support.

Schools and Hostel Facilities

For married officers who have children, schools namely Air Force School is present in mostly every part of the country for imparting education. Quality education is assured with experienced teachers with national board affiliations.

And for college students, both male and female, hostels are provided under welfare schemes at minimal cost and proper facilities of food, laundry, etc which doesn’t let a officer’s child hamper their education.

Ticket Concessions

Be it flight tickets or train tickets, zero price is charged from officers as it is taken care by the force. It is available only on national locations, and one needs to apply for it in order to avail it.


Air Force Wives Welfare Association is an organization for the better-halves of officers which functions towards providing opportunities and skills, home décor items, protection from violence against women. Regular meetings are conducted for group bonding sessions as women are the guiding force who walks every step with her man.


An officer is allowed to take 60 days leave and 3 days medical leave a month. Prior notice of the same should be informed to the concerned officer. And for officers studying for their particular trade 24-27 months of study leave is also granted.

Upon retirement an Air Force Officer is provided with the following facilities for their commendable service to our nation.


Upon retirement every officer gets an amount of their salaries paid every month to them on the basis of the rank with which they completed their tenure and the number of years they served the forces.

Medical Facilities

Even after retirement ex-officers and their families are entitled to free to cost checkups in military hospitals. Medical loans are also equipped to them.

Insurance Facilities

Be it life insurance or any other kind of loan, the Air Force helps and gives even an retired officer the rights to avail them unto a certain period after retirement.

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  • so many things given in this article are true and well written…some are half cooked information ..for example billets for living in officers, leace etc….please update and publish…thank u fr ur contribution maam..

  • bakwas .in practical you dont get .csd ,leave ,medical ,accommodation,are just name sake ,yes sports ,flight concession are given but not much of usage .

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