How to Prepare for CDS Exam

Aspirants who want to be the part of Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Indian Air Force Academy have to apply for Combined Defence Services Examination. CDS Exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) twice every year which is a brilliant opportunity for all defence aspirants to join the armed forces serve their country.

CDS Exam Educational eligibility:

  • IMA : The aspirants should possess graduation degree in any discipline from a recognized university or institute.
  • OTA: The aspirants should possess graduation degree in any discipline from a recognized university or institute.
  • For INA: The aspirants must have a degree in Engineering.
  • For Air Force Academy: The aspirants should have passed 12th standard with Physics and Mathematics and having a degree from a recognized university or bachelor’s degree in engineering / technology.

What are the eligibility criterions for CDS exam?

CDS Exam Online Coaching

How to Prepare for CDS ExamHow to Prepare for CDS Exam

It’s been noticed that most of the aspirants who attend CDSE are either from college final year or working job professionals, it means for most of the CDSE appearing candidates’ preparation for CDSE is not in their main curriculum since they are already occupied by the busy academic schedule or job working schedule.

In this article we will discuss about How to Prepare for CDS Exam in . CDS aspirants generally start their preparation just 10-15 days before the written exam:

  • Prepare from CDS exam books, go through at least one book before attempting the exam it will give you an idea about types of questions that are asked in CDS exam and the theory required in preparation of the exam. When you are deciding to buy CDS exam books you have to consider few facts such as:
  1. You have prepared for the syllabus of CDS exam and now only want to practice the questions, so in this case you will look for sample papers (solved or unsolved) and practice papers.
  2. You have not started your preparation and looking for study material, so in this case you will look for CDS exam books that offer syllabus wise (topic wise) explanation and theory along with solved examples.
  3. You have partially prepared the syllabus, in this case you will look for CDS exam books on individual topics of the syllabus.

Best books for CDS exam preparation

  • Know the syllabus first, candidates who are very good in general mathematics, English and GK, especially the freshers, never look and study the syllabus of CDS exam. Always study the syllabus of cds exam which will help you to understand what they might ask in cds exam paper. After you scan the whole cds exam syllabus, make sure you are filtering out topics where you do not need any preparation and you are 100% confident of clearing it, topics which you are not 100% confident are the one you want to prepare to clear CDS exam. Weed out the topics which you have zero knowledge on and keep them for last. So here the basic idea is to prepare as many as topics you can with 100% confident, even if you missed out 10% of the topics from Maths, English and GK it won’t affect you that much. To have better understanding of these topics, refer to the cds exam questions blueprint.
  • Refer to previous question papers of cds exam; this method of preparation is followed by many successful candidates since many years. So always solve 10-15 previous question papers and find out where you are lacking, focus on topics which you are sure about and you will succeed without any doubt. Check out for cds exam coaching online by SSBCrack Exams for solved previous question papers.
  • In SSBCrackExams we have launched our cds exam online coaching course by analyzing the need of present cds exam aspirant. We not only stick to the strict topic wise plan but also provide the tracker to analyzie the learning curve of the candidates, we assume there is less improvement when there is not feedback, our onlince course has high end reporting system which helps you to understand you weak and stronger sections of cds exam topics, this will not only help you to improve on those topics, but also save lot of time to focus on other things, may be another exam you are preparing for. You can check out more details on cds exam coaching online

cds exam coaching

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