How To Prepare For The NDA Written After 10th Standard -Part 1

Every student arrives at his/her crucial point when they clear their 10th board exam. It is one of the important milestones in every student’s life. Also, it is a turning point and a base for further studies and career options. The choices made after 10th standard influence the further decisions that students have to make. In fact, right after 10th, the student is made to decide the next course of action; in short, the student gets the first-hand experience in decision making, one of the Officer Like Qualities in SSB.

Students who were until then guided and spoon-fed must take charge and most of them find it daunting. There are a plethora of options on what to study next. A student’s career takes its first shape after 10th. If you are a student then you will have to decide what your further course of action is as it might be studies or career. The decision is going to affect your future and hence it is the first crucial point that you encounter. Remember, a responsible decision will never create a burden than irresponsible choices.

A majority of students want to join NDA in case of students but they lack an overall strategy for the next two years in order to equip themselves with better preparation to clear the written exam and subsequently the SSB. That’s why it is very necessary to arm you with knowledge regarding joining the National Defence Academy.

First things first, the education board plays a vital role in making choices regarding the NDA Written exam. Selection of board will decide the following course of action related to your subjects and standard of study that will determine your overall aptitude for the further career. A student may not continue in the same board and you change then keep in mind that there will be challenges ahead and you must be ready to face the challenges the new board might throw and it might be difficult too. The starting should be with proper research regarding the written exam and its syllabus. A big decision like joining NDA and preparing for NDA written exam needs proper research, as the after-effects of this decision will have a long-lasting impact.

Research does not just include finding the courses, colleges and asking suggestions from seniors or family members. You have to research your mind too means that you should be having a high degree of self-awareness. Thorough research will always be helpful for the next 2 years of study and personality development for NDA written and SSB. Almost every student will opt for Class XI-Class XII. Three main streams are available to study which are given below with their relevance in NDA Written Exam.

Science offers a thriving career option which makes it everyone’s favourite. If you are opting science then you will have to study PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics – Core subjects) along with Biology or Computer Science or Electronics or IT (depending on further studies). Apart from these core subjects, languages will be a part of the curriculum too. You will have theory and lab sessions. A notable advantage of studying science in the context of NDA Written Exam is that it allows you to focus on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

We all know that these subjects have some good representation in the General Ability Test of NDA Written Exam. If you will study them alongside your curriculum of the school then it will solidify your base and streamline your preparation too. Science stream students can further get into Medical or Engineering courses based on the subject of study in Class XII. Biology students go for Medical and can join Indian Armed Forces via AFMC or Army Dental Corps while engineering students will have ample opportunities via Technical entries after graduation.

The core subjects of commerce are – Business Economics, Accountancy, Business Study and Business Law. Not just these, but you will have exposure to income tax, accounting, marketing, and other related subjects. And of course, the language subject will be compulsory.

Career prospects in Commerce are huge just as Science and you can sit for NDA Written Exam too. Having mathematics will increase your chances of clearing the examination as being an added subject on the top of Economics; it will give you certainly an edge when it will come to the GAT part. Having mathematics will ensure you clearing the maths paper with a good score but then you will have to work quite a bit for 50 questions of Science. You need to solve complex topics like Vector Algebra, Trigonometry, Functions, 3D Geometry, Continuity & Differentiability with regular practice.

With a great number of choices to study, arts offer a wide range of options that are no less in comparison to science and commerce. Students can study sociology, history, literature, psychology, political science, philosophy, economics, etc. along with compulsory language subject. Here you will get an edge over the other candidates regarding history, political science and economics.

You must keep in mind that the subjects taught in 11th and 12th class are basic, and it is only going to get more advanced and detailed in the future. Do you have the potential to deal with it? How do you deal with any subject if it gets difficult? Let me tell you that, if you are preparing for NDA examination then you will have to streamline these subjects alongside your regular school as clearing NDA is one thing and being in the merit of the final list is another thing. You will have to be abreast with the syllabus of the NDA written and that’s why I’m going to suggest you some preparation methods and sources to refer.

It is my opinion that concise and limited study material is very necessary when unlimited resources are available at one single click. It is often seen that aspirants get confused when searching for study material for NDA Written as there are numerous resources such as YouTube videos, PDFs, mock tests, prime notes etc. If you have analysed the previous question papers then it would be clear that you can pull off Maths and English with a lot of constant practice but for GAT, you will have to study in a smart manner as it encompasses a whole lot of subjects that are vast and even if you are giving your 100%, something or the other thing is bound to be left.

You should remember that no matter your stream or subjects as each aspirant has an upper hand in some of the subjects such as Science students in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Humanities ones in English, History and Polity, Commerce ones in Economics. You might be aware with the number of subjects that are embedded in the GAT part such as – English, Geography, History, Polity, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, Current Affairs (Sports, National, International, Environment and Ecology, Defence Etc.). Basically, you will have to be smart here and study subjects according to the past trends as well as your understanding plus the approach of the questions in the exam.

Online study is the best option for us and one shouldn’t be venturing out during these times when not only travelling activities but academic institutes are also closed. This is a great time to try new things that technology has brought at your steps such as online courses at SSBCrack Exams. When we make a decision to educate ourselves then we focus on self-study, because self-study builds inner confidence and makes us more educated & independent.

NDA 2020 E-course is an integrated course, designed exclusively by the expert faculty for the candidates appearing in the upcoming NDA exam. The NDA Written exam preparation course is customized to fulfil the needs of the NDA exam aspirants and the NDA exam E-course would help you to understand the concepts of NDA exam paper and the high-end reporting tool helps you analyse your current standards by comparing with other defence aspirants who will start the preparation of NDA written in 11th standard only.

Educational and E-learning sector is growing day-by-day and nowadays online study materials are available on the internet, it will keep you hooked to your written exam preparation without stepping outside. Crack NDA Written with the complete NDA course package designed by the best tutors for 2 years of your 11th as well as 12th standard.

Every year about 10 lakh candidates appear for the NDA exam, out of which only 16 to 20 thousand qualify the written test. As it is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, the questions that come for the exam are usually of a higher & advanced level, making it quite a challenging exam to crack. This course constructed by SSBCrackExams is, therefore, designed according to the standard of knowledge & expertise expected from the qualifying candidate.

With 2000+ video lectures & 6000+ practice sets, this course aims to deliver to the student’s strong content & detailed explanation on complex subjects from Maths, English, General Studies, General Sciences & Current Affairs. This all-inclusive course, therefore, prepares a student with all the necessary requirements for acing higher scores in the written test & pursues their dreams.

SSBCrackExamsis India’s most exclusive online portal dedicated to defence exams-related preparations, followed & loved by millions of defence aspirants across the country. Our mission is to help every student to achieve his/her dream of serving the nation, by providing him/her with engaged & in-depth learning of a particular subject, customized according to one’s needs & potential. We aim to create fearless & confident individuals who can both ace the exams & constitute the world’s most powerful & invincible defence military unit.

Hope these tips would help you to understand how one could prepare in the best way for NDA Written exam during 2 years of 11th and 12th Standard.

All the best!

How To Prepare For The NDA Written After 10th Standard? Part 2

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