How To Score 200+ Marks In AFCAT 2 2021

How to Score 200+ Marks in AFCAT with the help of Reasoning. As you all know that AFCAT 2 2021 notification is out and registrations will start from 1st June 2021. and 100 days are left approximately so it’s high time to start your preparation if you have not started it till now.

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So, firstly I will start with the exam pattern:

There will be total 100 questions, 300 marks and 4 Sections Reasoning, Numerical Ability, English and GK and the duration of the online exam will be for 2 hours.

Today, we will not talk about only clearing the exam but will aim at scoring 200+ this time and how Reasoning can play a crucial role in achieving it.
First thing to note that you need not attempt all the 100 questions as there will be negative marking for every incorrect answer. So, we will aim at attempting 70 right questions which will lead to a score of total 210 marks.

Now, talking about the number of questions from different sections. So, one of the easiest and scoring section with maximum number of questions among the four is Reasoning and you can see that around 30 to 32 questions are coming from this in every AFCAT exam.

So, out of 70 you can easily attempt 30 questions from Reasoning by covering only 8 to 10 topics with the maximum number of questions like Analogy, Classification, Venn Diagram, Statement and Conclusions in Verbal and Figure Series, Analogy, Figure Completion and Dot Situation in Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Please refer the important topics of Reasoning in Below mentioned charts:

And for preparing this Reasoning Section, you can refer the top-notch content at SSBCrackExams, where we will provide you with conceptual lectures with consolidated study material, 50+ questions in Sample Practice Q&A Lectures with Study Materials having complete solutions, Solved Previous Years’ Questions with Study Materials having complete solutions, 50+ questions in time bound Quizzes and 50+ questions in Practice Exercises along with the answer keys for each topic.

After covering this whole content, you will not miss even a single question from the reasoning Section that I can guarantee you.

Now, talking about the remaining 40 questions, so next easy and scoring section is English and there will be 25 questions from this section.

So, after revising Antonyms and Synonyms, Idioms and Phrases, Basic English Grammar rules, Comprehension passage related and practicing a good number of questions or attempting quizzes you can easily attempt 15 to 20 correct questions, we will take it as 15 which will be equal to 45 marks.

Now, we are left with 25 questions to attempt and two sections are still left.

So, our third section will be GK as it takes very less time to attempt the questions from this section. Here, everyone thinks that GK is difficult and vast and they cannot retain anything. But here is the trick, you need not learn everything or cover the whole syllabus of GK as most of the questions are coming from Static GK and Current Affairs. So, focus on your Static part and cover the topics like Country Capitals, Sports, Awards, Books and Authors, Important Days, National and International Institutions and Organisations, Indian Armed Forces and keep self-updated with Daily Current Affairs and Daily Defence Current Affairs and you can ignore topics like History, Geography, Polity etc.

And after covering this much part, you will easily attempt 15 questions from this Section.

Now, last but not least Numerical Ability Section from which there will be only 18 to 20 questions. So, people find it very difficult, but you should know that there will be only 3-4 difficult questions rest all will be either direct formula based, or concept based and also the syllabus is very limited. So, if you will study the concepts of topics Number System, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Speed, Distance & Time, Time & Work, Average, Ratio & Proportion, Algebra with full dedication and practice a good number of questions then you will easily make 10 right questions from this section which will comprise of total 30 marks.

Now, coming upon to the most important point that even after covering whole content and making proper strategy why people still not able to make it because they lack in attempting the paper properly in the given two hours and the best way to manage your time during the exam and give your best performance it’s very important that you prepare for that as well by attempting Multiple Mock Tests and analyse them properly as it will give you a real time experience and help you in analysing where you are lacking so that you can improve those points and will come up with the flying colors in your exam.

So, I hope this strategy of attempting 70 questions from all the 4 different Sections collectively will be very much helpful for you all and you will definitely come up with a very good score of 200+ marks this time.

All the very best for your upcoming AFCAT 2 2021 Exam.

Give your best shot.

Jai Hind!!!

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