India In Talks With 12 Countries For Exports Of Brahmos Missiles

Following a deal with the Philippines last year, India is in talks with more than a dozen countries about exporting BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles. Aside from that, BrahMos Aerospace is working on hypersonic, precision-guided weapons as well as additional variants of the existing supersonic cruise missiles, according to Director General Atul Dinkar Rane on the sidelines of an industry meeting on Friday.

India In Talks With 12 Countries For Exports Of Brahmos Missiles

“Every country in the world has been asking us since 2001 when we did our first flight trial, can we buy BrahMos?” We had to prioritise the interests of our armed forces, and we have a small amount of spare capacity,” he explained.

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Eyeing Hypersonic Speed

In terms of other endeavours, the DG noted that “technology bricks” are being developed currently, and BrahMos missiles may reach hypersonic speeds, but the difficulty is to manufacture a weapon system at a cost that is affordable for numbers and induction.

“At the moment, technology bricks are being developed. We will investigate production in the future. As I previously stated, the design should be producible; both of our partners are working on it. “At the moment, they have technology bricks in place, so we just put mortar on top of it,” he stated, providing an update on hypersonic missile development. He, however, refused to give a timeline for completion of the project. India is among four countries that are in the process of developing hypersonic missiles.

Successful Ventures

Speaking at the BrahMos Industry Meet 2023, DG Rane stated that the joint venture between India and Russia currently has a $6 billion order book, a significant increase from the initial financial infusion of $250 million in 1998, when the aerospace company was created.

Su 30MKIs Equipped with BrahMos

All of this was feasible with proper planning and foresight, he informed the audience. According to him, the BrahMos model foreshadows the future of Indian military production, sustenance, and the first step towards self-reliance with the establishment of a BrahMos Missile Industrial Complex.

The missile industrial consortium, established under the BrahMos, has brought together over 200 Indian defence firms from the public and private sectors to design, develop, and deliver critical components and sub-systems for one of the world’s fastest, precision-guided weapons, the DG explained. India’s defence exports have reached an all-time high of about 16,000 crore in 2022-23, a figure that is 23 times higher than the 686 crore obtained in 2013-14.

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