Indian Army To Commission Women Officers In Artillery regiment

Army Chief General Manoj Pande announced that the Indian Army will commission female officers into the Artillery regiment and that the request has been given to the cabinet.

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According to sources, a decision has been made to induct women officers into the Artillery, which has approximately 300 regiments (each with 18 guns) and approximately 5,000 officers. It is seen as part of the effort to provide more opportunities for women.

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About Indian Army Artillery Regiment

The Indian Army’s Artillery Regiment is extremely crucial in any war situation. It is now the second largest branch of the Indian army, responsible for providing firepower to the army during ground operations. This regiment is divided into two sections. There is also a drone, radar, and surveillance system in the other section. This regiment inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy during the Kargil war.

Significance of decision

Women already serve in combat support arms such as Army Air Defence (AAD), formerly known as Air Defence Artillery, Army Signals Corps, Army Aviation Corps, and Engineers.

After the infantry, the Regiment of Artillery is said to be the second-largest arm of the Indian Army. Artillery is also known as an ‘Arm of Decision’ because of its missiles, guns, mortars, rocket launchers, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Women in Indian Army

In addition to the Armed Forces Medical Services, the Indian Army currently has 1705 women officers in ten Arms and Services, including the Corps of Engineers, Corps of Signals, Army Air Defence, Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps, Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, Army Aviation Corps, Intelligence Corps, Judge Advocate General Branch, and Army Education Corps.

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