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9 Last Minute Preparation Tips For AFCAT 1 2022 Online Exam

AFCAT 1 2022 is here, and many dreams come with it. Just 24-72 hours away from the AFCAT 1 2022 Exam which is to be conducted on 12 Feb 22, 13 Feb 22 and 14 Feb 22 in two shits., we shared an article with our followers on how one can cover up the whole AFCAT syllabus and prepare within 1-3 days. But for someone who hadn’t taken the article seriously, might be planning on how well they’re gonna prepare for the next AFCAT right after the exam. Stop right there! If you are willing to give up so soon, we are here to save you up in the last moment before the exam. There are a 1 to 3 days left for the exam and you can turn the preparations upside down of you haven’t prepared for it well, provided, you are at least an average candidate with an average IQ, GK, English, and problem-solving ability.

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Here we give you 9 last-minute tips you can follow to pull yourself out of the water and feel confident about the exam:

  • Block you next 24-72 hours:

Block the next 48 hours of your life. Whatever you might be doing, just make sure you dedicate the next one to two days of your life in preparing for AFCAT.

  • Study for 24-36 hours:

Yes, what else do you expect to do within these 1 to 3 days? Make sure that you utilize most of the time in preparing for the exam and do not spend another minute where you are not preparing for it. Keep yourself hydrated, get up for meals and washroom, sacrifice most of your sleep and give all of yourself to the preparations.

  • Gather previous years’ papers:

The good thing about AFCAT going online is that the syllabus remains the same. The only sensible thing you can do now is to collect all the previous year papers and start preparing from that. There is no time for topic wise isolated preparation. Make sure you have at least 10-15 previous year papers for practice. Here is the link to get all the previous papers from 2011, solved:

  • Recall your school knowledge for English and Math:

Yes, the first thing you need to do is recall whatever you studied in your 10th-12th. Identify your strong areas and make a list of your strong areas in English and Math.

  • Start with your strong area:

Always start with the section that you have a strong hold over. For example, if you are strong in Quant section, you can attempt the question like this:

Quantitative Ability, Military Aptitude, English and at last, General Awareness.

But if you are strong in GA & English section, you can attempt General Awareness first, followed by English, Military Aptitude and Quantitative Ability.

  • Revise only the strong areas:

The next most important thing to do is to revise the areas in which you are strong. Just skip everything else. But don’t be the one who has only one strong areas and leaves everything blank. Start from your strong areas and gradually move forward to the ones in which you are not so strong.

  • Keep a track of time:

Keep a track of time by setting a stopwatch and making the practice exactly exam-like. Think that you are giving real exam and solve the papers accordingly.

  • Solve model question papers:

The next best thing to do after solving previous year papers is to solve the model question papers.

  • Write down key points and revise:

While preparing, you might get across certain key points like formulae and tips to tackle the question. Keep a running note beside you and note everything while you prepare. Before going for the exam, make sure you revise all the key points and give your best.

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Certainly, last-minute preparation is not good enough preparation for any exam. But in a scenario where you haven’t even prepared anything about it, you can follow these tips to avoid waiting another 6 months for the next AFCAT.

Do you have any more tips from experience or otherwise that you want to add to this? Do comment and let everyone benefit from it.

We SSBCrackExams wish you all very the best for the upcoming AFCAT 1 2022 Exam and May you all Touch the Sky with Glory.


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