List of Items to carry for the SSB Interview

In this article we will mention the list of must have things for the SSB interview.

List of Items to carry for the SSB Interview

  1. THE CALL LETTER: You must keep at least three copies of the call-up letter with you. One should bein your hand at the time of reporting at the railway station and the rest safe with you in your bag.
  2. COPY OF FORM FILLED: In some cases like TES, TGC the Selection Boards require a copy or two of the online form filled with your attested photograph. You must be really careful in reading the instructions when filling the online application form.
  3. ORIGINAL IDENTITY PROOF: School/college ID cards, Government issued ID cards like PAN, AADHAR, VOTERS ID, UPSC admit card, Driving license are all acceptable. You ID card must have your photo in it.
  4. EDUCATIONAL CERTIFICATES: You must have at least 4 attested copies and originals of Class 10th mark sheet + certificate (matriculation certificate), Class 12th mark sheet + certificate, your mark sheets of semesters you have passed during graduation and graduation/ Post graduation degree certificate (if applicable).
  5. YOUR EXTRA ACHIEVEMENTS: You must also carry all the original certificates along with their authenticated copies of NCC, sports and co-curricular activities in which you have participated/won.
  6. YOUR PHOTOGRAPH: It is advised that you carry at least 25 passport and 10 stamp sized RECENT photographs with you. People having spectacles must be wearing spectacles in their photograph. The photographs must be in either blue/white background.

NOTE: It is advised that you carry all the above-mentioned certificates in originals along with their attested photocopies (at least 4). In case your originals are with your college/organization, you must produce a custodian certificate from the competent authorities clearly stating that they have your original certificates.

  1. CLOTHING: Three pairs of formal clothes (blazer/tie are optional) with complementing shoes, Two pairs of white shorts and T-shirts (with collar) for men and two pairs of white lower pants and T-shirts (with collar) for women. You must also carry a pair of white PT/sports shoes along with 3 pairs of white socks.
  2. OTHER CLOTHING: You must also bring woolen clothing with you if the weather demands. Apart from this you should not forget civil clothing like night dress, casuals, undergarments, towels etc.
  3. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: Grooming kit, slippers, bathing kit, lock and key and other items of general use should be carried. You can also carry few essential medicines with you if required.
  4. UNIFORM: A set of uniform (according to the season) and a combat dress is also required for the personnel serving in the Army/Navy/Air Force/Coast Guard.
  5. ADEQUATE WRITING MATERIAL: You must have at least 4 set of ball/gel point pens (black and blue) plus a writing pad for the interview process. A rough notebook/ plain white pages can also be taken along.
  6. FINAL CHECK: You must tally your items with that of the items mentioned in your call up letter. Relax, just think it of a normal outing and take things accordingly.
  7. DON’T PANIC: In case you have forgotten anything you must inform it to the authorities. However, people at the SSB are always happy to help. So, no need to get frantic if you forget to carry a pair of socks!!

NOTE: Kindly avoid carrying any valuable items such as Laptops, Expensive phone, Jewelry. Also keep the cash in your pocket to the minimum. It is better to carry an ATM rather than having too much cash stashed in your wallet. Don’t forget to keep your original journey ticket(s) safe with you in case you are appearing for the SSB for the first time.


  1. Bhavesh Murlidhar Gaidhane

    For SSB Navy Is White PT shoes compulsory? Instead of White PT shoes can we go with Balck running shoes
  2. harsha

    Is the formal shoe with lace should be worn or without lace can be worn at SSB interview?
  3. Kriti

    They have asked for white shorts.. Do girls have to wear shorts or full lowers?
  4. Chetan Pathak

    I am not having 10 certificate but marksheet is with me. Is it fine or not?
  5. Vinita

    Certificates of extra achievements? Like if I participated in debates and olympiads?
    1. Nitesh

      Yes, It includes specially sports and NCC certificate but you can carry that too.
  6. mohit karn

    I bought white tshirts but its collar is blue would that be a problem?
  7. Srikanth Chaturvedi

    My 10 th Class Original Marks Sheet is with My Records or My Parent unit. Do i need to carry Original Class 10th Marks Sheet or Xerox of it with Attestation is enough? Please tell me. what can i do now..
    1. Aditya Patel

      yes original tenth class mark sheet is a must, or you will be sent back instantaneously.
  8. shruti

    wat if i wear lenses instead of spectacles. and i do not hav a copy of the application form, though i hav a email reciving my roll no and mentioning that my application has been successfully submitted
    1. shruti

      lenses regarding thr photgraph thing. and cant girls wear any color of the track pants along with a white tshirt.
      1. ashutosh

        White track pants is fine, color pant is not permitted
  9. Adhiraj

    My AFSB is on 11 Jan, at Dehradun. Is it mandatory to carry white shorts, or can I take white Full pants, as it will be very cold in Dehradun at that time?

    My sbb center is at Bangalore, Can I take white lower instead of white shorts, as its a winter season.
    1. ashutosh

      Go with White Shorts, in Banglore winter season is not that strong.
  11. balraj k

    They are mentioned to take white shorts whether i have to go with sports shorts or half pant.......??????
    1. SSBcracK Exams

      White Half pants are emough
  12. balraj k

    They are mentioned to take white shorts whether i have to with sports shorts or half pant.......??????

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