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UN Report Reveals Chronic Bias Against Women – 25% of Population Thinks Beating Wife Justifiable

A new UN report released on June 12 revealed that there has been no improvement in the level of prejudice shown against women over the last decade, with nearly nine out of ten men and women worldwide still harbouring such biases. According to the UNDP’s latest Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI) report, “Half of the People Worldwide Still Believe Men Make Better Political Leaders Than Women,” and “More Than 40% Believe Men Make Better Business Executives Than Women.”

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Why In The News?

  • A New UN Report Launched On 12 June Revealed No Improvement In The Level Of Prejudice Shown Against Women Over The Past Decade, With Almost Nine Out Of 10 Men And Women Worldwide, Still Holding Such Biases.
  • “Half Of the People Worldwide Still Believe Men Make Better Political Leaders Than Women, And More Than 40% Believe Men Make Better Business Executives Than Women,” According To The UNDP In Its Latest Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI) Report.
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Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI) 2023:

  • The Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI) Quantifies Biases Against Women, Capturing People’s Attitudes On Women’s Roles Along Four Key Dimensions: Political, Educational, Economic And Physical Integrity.
  • The Index, Covering 85 Percent Of The Global Population, Reveals That Close To 9 Out Of 10 Men And Women Hold Fundamental Biases Against Women. Gender Biases Are Pronounced In Both Low And High Human Development Index (HDI) Countries.
  • These Biases Hold Across Regions, Income, Level Of Development And Cultures Making Them A Global Issue. The Publication Of The 2023 GSNI Was Supported By Financial Contributions By The Republic Of Korea.
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Key Highlights Of The Report:

  • A Staggering 25% Of People Believe It Is Justified For A Man To Beat His Wife. These Biases Drive Hurdles Faced By Women, Manifested In A Dismantling Of Women’s Rights With Movements Against Gender Equality Gaining Traction And, In Some Countries, A Surge Of Human Rights Violations.
  • Biases Are Also Reflected In The Severe Underrepresentation Of Women In Leadership. On Average, The Share Of Women As Heads Of State Or Heads Of Government Has Remained Around 10 Per Cent Since 1995 And In The Labour Market Women Occupy Less Than A Third Of Managerial Positions.
  • The Report Also Sheds Light On A Broken Link Between Women’s Progress In Education And Economic Empowerment. Women Are More Skilled And Educated Than Ever Before, Yet Even In The 59 Countries Where Women Are Now More Educated Than Men, The Average Gender Income Gap Remains A 39 Per Cent In Favour Of Men.
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