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Russia-Ukraine Black Sea Grain Deal, Why Russia Has Halted It?

Russia has announced that it would withdraw from the Black Sea Grain Deal that would have allowed Ukrainian grain to be exported via the Black Sea. Because the Russian portion...

Russia has announced that it would withdraw from the Black Sea Grain Deal that would have allowed Ukrainian grain to be exported via the Black Sea. Because the Russian portion of these Black Sea Treaties has yet to be implemented, their effect has expired.

Russia-Ukraine Black Sea Grain Deal

Black Sea Grain Deal Why In The News?

  • Russia Has Announced That It Has Halted Participation In A Deal That Allowed Ukrainian Grain To Be Exported Through The Black Sea. The Part Of These Black Sea Agreements Concerning Russia Has Not Been Implemented So Far, So Its Effect Is Terminated.
  • Russia Would Return To The Deal After Its Demands Are Met. The Announcement Came Just Hours After A Blast On Russia’s Bridge To Crimea. Meanwhile, The Kremlin Said, There Was No Link Between The Attack And Its Decision To Suspend The Grain Deal.

Black Sea Grain Deal: What Was The Deal About?

  • The Black Sea Grain Initiative – A Deal Brokered Between Russia And Ukraine By The United Nations And Turkey – Has Allowed 32.9 Million Metric Tonnes Of Food To Be Exported From War-Torn Ukraine Since August. More Than Half Of That Grain Went To Developing Countries, Including Those Getting Relief From The World Food Programme (WFP).
  • The Accord Signed By Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu And Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov In July Last Year At Istanbul’s Lavish Dolmabahce Palace Created A Safe Corridor For Ukraine’s Grain Exports From Three Ukrainian Ports – Odesa, Yuzhny And Chornomorsk.
  • Under The Agreement, A Coalition Of Turkish, Ukrainian And UN Staff Monitored The Loading Of Grain Into Vessels In Ukrainian Ports Before Navigating A Preplanned Route Through The Black Sea, Which Is Heavily Mined By Ukrainian And Russian Forces.
  • Ukrainian Pilot Vessels Guided Commercial Vessels Transporting The Grain In Order To Navigate The Mined Areas Around The Coastline Using A Map Of Safe Channels Provided By The Ukrainian Side. Ships Entering Ukraine Were Inspected Under The Supervision Ensure They Were Not Carrying Weapons.
Black Sea Grain Deal

Black Sea Grain Deal: What Was The Objective Of The Accord?

  • Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion Of Ukraine On February 24 Led To A De Facto Blockade Of The Black Sea, Resulting In Ukraine’s Exports Dropping To One-sixth Of Their Prewar Level.
  • Kyiv And Moscow Are Among The Largest Exporters Of Grain In The World, And The Blockade Has Caused Grain Prices To Rise Dramatically. The Deal Aimed To Help Avert Famine By Injecting More Wheat, Sunflower Oil, Fertilizer And Other Products Into World Markets, Including For Humanitarian Needs.

Black Sea Grain Deal: What Has The Initiative Achieved?

  • The Current Deal Has Helped To Bring Down Prices And Ease A Global Food Crisis. Prices For Wheat, The Main Ingredient In Bread, Have Fallen About 17 Percent So Far This Year While Corn Is Down About 26 Percent.
  • Ukrainian Grain Has Played A Direct Role In Easing A Global Food Crisis With 725,200 Tonnes, Or 2.2 Percent Of The Supplies, Shipped Through The Corridor Used By The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) As Aid To Countries Such As Ethiopia, Somalia And Yemen.

Black Sea Grain Deal: Why Did Russia Terminate The Deal?

  • Russia Had Been Saying For Months That Conditions For The Deal’s Extension Had Not Been Fulfilled. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Said Last Week That He Wanted An End To Sanctions On The Russian Agricultural Bank.
  • Other Demands Include The Resumption Of Supplies Of Agricultural Machinery And Parts, Lifting Restrictions On Insurance And Reinsurance, The Resumption Of The Togliatti Odesa Ammonia Pipeline And The Unblocking Of Assets And The Accounts Of Russian Food And Fertiliser Exports Companies.

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