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What Is Sengol: To Be Placed In The New Parliament Building?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will install a historic golden sceptre near the Speaker’s seat during the inauguration of the new parliament building on Sunday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will install a historic golden sceptre near the Speaker’s seat during the inauguration of the new parliament building on Sunday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced today. Mr Shah stated that the sceptre was given to the country’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, to commemorate the transfer of power from the British to the Indians. According to the Home Minister, this sceptre is known as “sengol,” which stems from the Tamil term “semmai,” which means “righteousness.”

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Why In The News?

  • Sengol, A Historical Sceptre From Tamil Nadu, Which Was Received By India’s First Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru To Represent The Transfer Of Power From The British And Was Kept In A Museum In Allahabad, Will Be Installed In The New Parliament Building By Prime Minister Narendra Modi On May 28.

Historical Significance Of Sengol:

  • Known As Sengol – Derived From The Tamil Word “Semmai”, Meaning “Righteousness”, The Scepter Is A “Significant Historical” Symbol Of Independence As It Signifies The Transfer Of Power.
  • Used During A Ceremony Performed During The Chola Dynasty, In Which The Transfer Of Power From One King To The Other Was Sanctified And Blessed By High Priests.
  • The Symbol (For The Transfer Of Power) Used Was The Handover Of The ‘Sengol’ From One King To His Successor. The Newly Crowned Ruler Would Be Given The Sengol With An Order To Rule His Subjects Fairly And Justly.
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Why Was The Sengol Given To Nehru?

  • Lord Mountbatten, The Last Viceroy Of India, Asked Nehru About “The Ceremony That Should Be Followed To Symbolize The Transfer Of Power From British To Indian Hands”. Nehru Went To Consult C Rajagopalachari, The Last Governor-General Of India, Who Suggested About Sengol.
  • Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru Accepted Sengol At Around 10:45 PM Of August 14, 1947, Through The Adhinam Of Tamil Nadu, It Was A Sign Of A Shift Of Power From Britishers To The People Of Our Country.
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How Was The Sengol Made?

  • Once Nehru Agreed To Perform The Suggested Ceremony, Rajagopalachari Reached Out To Thiruvaduthurai Atheenam, A Well-known Mutt In Tamil Nadu’s Tanjore District, Its Leader Commissioned The Manufacturing Of The Sengol To Chennai-Based “Vummidi Bangaru Chetty” Jewellers.
  • Constructed By Two Men – Vummidi Ethirajulu And Vummidi Sudhakar, Both Are Still Alive And Remember Making It – The Sceptre Measures Five Feet In Length And Has A ‘Nandi’ Bull On Top, Symbolizing Justice.
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How Was The Sengol Handed Over To Nehru?

  • Three People, Including “The Deputy High Priest Of The Adheenam, The Nadaswaram Player Rajarathinam Pillai, And The Oduvar (Singer)”, Brought In The Newly Made Sengol From Tamil Nadu.
  • During The Ceremony, Which Took Place On August 14, 1947, A Priest Gave The Sceptre To Lord Mountbatten And Then Took It Back. It Was Then “Taken In Procession To Pt Jawaharlal Nehru’s House, Where It Was Handed Over To Him. A Special Song Was Rendered, As Specified By The High Priest.
  • The Song Played During The Ceremony Was Composed By The 7th-century Tamil Saint Tirugnana Sambandar – A Child Prodigy Who Lived Only 16 Years. The Event Was Attended By Dr Rajendra Prasad, Who Would Go On To Become India’s First President And Many Others.
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How The Sengol Will Reach New Parliament Building?

  • A Group Of Musicians Playing Tamil Nadu’s Traditional Instrument, The Nadaswaram, Would Lead The Procession. In Order To Embrace The Spirit Of Tamil Culture, Modi Is Expected To Walk Alongside Them.
  • Additionally, “Adheenams,” Or Priests From Shaivite Mutts In Tamil Nadu, Will Be Present In The Lok Sabha’s Well. The Priests Will Sanctify The Sengol With Holy Water After Modi Greets Them At The Well, India Today Added.
  • The “Oduvars,” Or Tamil Temple Singers, Will Lyrically Recite The “Kolaru Padhigam” In The Background As The Nadaswaram Musicians Enchant With Their Soulful Music. The Sengol Will Be Placed In A Glass Case Next To The Speaker’s Seat In The House.
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