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Sajid Mir, The Mastermind Behind 26/11 – His Designation As Global Terrorist Blocked By China

India has slammed China for opposing the UN’s decision to designate Pakistan-based Let Leader Sajid Mir as a “Global Terrorist,” claiming that it demonstrates a lack of genuine political will...

India has slammed China for opposing the UN’s decision to designate Pakistan-based Let Leader Sajid Mir as a “Global Terrorist,” claiming that it demonstrates a lack of genuine political will to combat the scourge of terrorism. China has blocked a proposal by the United States and India to blacklist Mir as a global terrorist under the UN Security Council’s 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee and subject him to an asset freeze, travel ban, and arms embargo.

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Why In The News?

  • India Has Hit Out At China For Blocking A Move by To Designate Pakistan-based Let Leader Sajid Mir As A “Global Terrorist” By The UN, Saying It Shows A Lack Of Genuine Political Will To Fight The Scourge Of Terrorism.
  • China Blocked A Proposal Moved By The US And Co-designated By India To Blacklist Mir Under The 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee Of The UN Security Council As A Global Terrorist And Subject Him To an Assets Freeze, Travel Ban And Arms Embargo.

Who Is Sajid Mir?

  • Mir, Believed To Be In His Mid-40s, Is One Of India’s Most Wanted Terrorists And Has A Bounty Of USD 5 Million Placed On His Head By The US For His Role In The 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks.
  • Mir Is A Senior Member Of The Pakistan-Based Lashkar-e-Taiba And Is Wanted For His Involvement In The November 2008 Terrorist Attacks In Mumbai. In June Last Year, Mir Was Jailed For Over 15 Years In A Terror-financing Case By An Anti-terrorism Court In Pakistan.
  • It Is Not Known For Sure If Mir Had Been Jailed For 15 Years. But No Details Of The Reported Sentencing, Or Of The Arrest That Apparently Preceded It, Were Made Available. In Fact, Until The 2022 Reports, Pakistan Had Given The Impression That Mir Had Died – But Had Failed To Provide Any Proof.
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Why Is Sajid Mir Such A Big Deal?

  • Sajid Mir Was The Key Figure In The 26/11 Attacks, Its Chief Planner, The Handler Of The Scout Who Scoped Out Mumbai For The Lashkar, And The Man Who Led The Control Room In Pakistan As The Attacks Unfolded.
  • Mir Was On The Phone With The Terrorists As They Went About Carrying Out Their Mission At Multiple Sites; He Instructed And Advised Them At Every Step, And Scripted And Directed The Slaughter.

What Is Known Of Mir’s Background?

  • Mir Was Born In Lahore In A Family That Had A Manufacturing Business. When Mir Was About 16 Years Old, He Joined Lashkar, Which Hafiz Saeed And Abdullah Azzam, A Palestinian Islamist Who Inspired Osama Bin Laden, Had Founded In The Late 1980s.
  • Mir Was Put In The Lashkar’s International Operations Wing, Focussed On Global Jihad, And Became Close To The Organization’s Military Chief, Zaki-Ur-Rehman Lakhvi.
  • After September 11, 2001, Attacks On The US, Mir Began Grooming The Foreign Terrorists Who Came To Pakistan To Fight The West, Including A Radical Frenchman Named Willie Brigitte, And Four Men From Virginia.
  • According To Brigitte, It Was Clear That Mir Was A Part Of The Pakistani Army. Investigators In Several Countries Have Reached The Same Conclusion. A French Counter-terrorism Magistrate Who Investigated Mir, As Saying He Was “A High-ranking Officer In The Pakistani Army And Apparently Also Was In The ISI”.
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How Did Mir Get Involved In The 26/11 Attacks?

  • Around 2001, A Pakistani American Heroin Dealer Named Daood Gilani, Who Was Also An Informant For The US Drug Enforcement Administration, Arrived In Pakistan And Joined A Lashkar Training Camp. Mir Spotted And Befriended Him.
  • In 2005, Mir Allegedly Entered India Along With A Group Of Pakistani Cricket Fans, Apparently To Scope Out Possible Lashkar Operations. Later That Year, Mir Commissioned Daood Gilani To Be The Lashkar’s Lead Scout For The Mumbai Mission.
  • In Preparation For His Job, Daood Gilani Changed His Name To David Coleman Headley And Was Given A Large Sum Of Money By A Serving Isi Officer Who Introduced Himself To Headley As Major Iqbal. Mir And This Iqbal Became Headley’s Handlers As He Set Up Base In Mumbai And Went About Scoping Out The Targets Of The Coming Attack.
  • The 10 Terrorists In The Attack Team Left Karachi In The Morning Of November 22, 2008, Hijacked A Fishing Trawler And Reached Mumbai In The Evening Of November 26. The Attacks Began Around 9.30 Pm, At The Famous Cafe Leopold In Colaba.
  • From The Control Room In Pakistan, A Group Of Handlers Led By Mir Directed The Operations Over Phones And Watched TV As The Attack Unfolded. Mir Dominated The Conversations.
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