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China Braces For New Covid Wave With Up To 65 Million Weekly Cases

China is dealing with a fresh wave of Covid-19 infections, which might reach 65 million cases per week by the end of June. Zhong Nanshan, a respiratory illness specialist, made this dire forecast during a biotech conference in Guangzhou. Zhong’s assessment offers a rare look at the possible impact of the latest omicron type, XBB, which has been causing a rebound of cases across China since late April.

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Why In The News?

  • China Is Facing A New Wave Of Covid-19 Infections That Could See As Many As 65 Million Cases Per Week By The End Of June.
  • This Alarming Prediction Was Made By Respiratory Disease Specialist Zhong Nanshan At A Biotech Conference In Guangzhou.

Who Is Zhong Nanshan?

  • Zhong Nanshan, Director Of The National Clinical Research Center For Respiratory Disease, Said At A Forum That He Made The Prediction Based On A Predictive Modeling Analysis.
  • Zhong Said This Wave Of Infections Was Triggered By The Omicron Subvariant XBB, Which Is Spreading Rapidly In Parts Of The World, According To A Report From Nanfang Daily, The Official Newspaper Of The Guangdong Provincial Committee Of The Communist Party Of China.

Current Covid Cases In China:

  • Covid Cases Began To Surge In China In April And Could Reach 40 Million Per Week By The End Of May. In China Till May 17th There Have Been 99,256,991 Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 With 121,073 Deaths, Reported To WHO.
COVID 19 Outbreak World Map Total Deaths per Capita

What Has Zhong Nanshan Warned About?

  • At The Forum, Zhong Also Called For Vulnerable Groups, Such As People With Underlying Diseases And The Elderly, To Be Vaccinated Again, Noting People’s Immunity From Their Last Infection Has Weakened And That Even Those Who Were Previously Infected Could Be Re-infected As The Virus Mutates.

Where Did China Missed?

  • Covid Cases Surged In China After Beijing Abandoned Its “Zero-Covid” Policy Late Last Year. The First Wave After The Reopening Had Wanted As Of Early February. Zhong Said About 85% Of China’s 1.4 Billion People Have Been Infected With The Virus.
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