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The Curious Case Of Qin Gang: China’s Foreign Minister who went Missing

Qin Gang, China’s Foreign Minister, has not been seen in public for nearly a month, reportedly due to health concerns. According to a July 21 Bloomberg report, UK Foreign Secretary...

Qin Gang, China’s Foreign Minister, has not been seen in public for nearly a month, reportedly due to health concerns. According to a July 21 Bloomberg report, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has postponed a planned trip to Beijing at the end of July, citing people familiar with the situation. Qin’s high profile and absence from recent international summits and meetings have fueled speculation that the government may have removed him forcibly. Such speculations are the result of a number of factors, including the fact that China does not provide information about the government or how it operates.

Case Of China’s Foreign Minister who went Missing

China’s Foreign Minister: Why In The News?

  • Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang Has Not Been Spotted In Public For Nearly A Month, Reportedly Over Health Reasons. A July 21 Bloomberg Report Said UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly Has Postponed A Trip To Beijing Planned For The End Of July, Citing People Familiar With The Matter.
  • Qin’s who is China’s Foreign Minister has a High Profile And Absence At Recent International Summits And Meetings Have Sparked Speculation That The Government Could Have Forcibly Removed Him. Such Speculations Are A Result Of Many Factors, Firstly That China Does Not Provide Details Related To The Govt And Its Functioning Transparently.

China’s Foreign Minister: Who Is Qin Gang?

  • Born In 1966, Qin the China’s Foreign Minister Has Risen Up The Ranks Starting From His Appointment As A Staff Member Of The Beijing Service Bureau For Diplomatic Missions In 1988. In His Work With The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, China’s Foreign Minister Has Held Positions At The Chinese Embassy In Britain.
  • China’s Foreign Minister Was Also Appointed As A Foreign Affairs Ministry Spokesperson For Many Years Over Two Terms. Some Have Attributed His Proximity To President Xi As The Reason Behind His Quick Rise To Senior Positions.
  • In 2021, China’s Foreign Minister Was Appointed As The Ambassador To The United States For A Relatively Short Period, With A Promotion To The Minister For Foreign Affairs Post In December 2022.
China's Foreign Minister

China’s Foreign Minister: What Might Be Behind Qin Gang’s Disappearance?

  • China’s Foreign Minister Has Not Been Seen In Public Since June 25, When China’s Foreign Minister Met With Visiting Officials From Sri Lanka, Russia And Vietnam. A Day Later The US Climate Envoy John Kerry Was Received By Wang, Who Also Attended A Meeting Of The ASEAN Instead Of Qin In Indonesia Last Week.
  • In early July, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin Blamed A “Physical Condition” For Qin Missing The ASEAN Event. Several Western Media Outlets Raised Questions About Whether China’s Foreign Minister Would Be Seen In Public By The Time The G20 Summit This Year Will Be Held In New Delhi In September.
  • They Also Added That It Is Quite Possible That Qin, China’s Foreign Minister Is Having Health Issues And Might Soon Make A Re-Appearance. In The Past Few Days, China’s Biggest Search Engine Baidu Has Seen A “Drastic Surge” In Searches For Qin’s Name.
  • It Added That One Of The Most Widely Shared Theories Online Said Qin Was Being Investigated Over An Alleged Extramarital Affair And When Asked About The Rumour On Monday, Foreign Minister Spokesperson Mao Ning Said She Was Not Aware Of The Matter.

China’s Foreign Minister: Earlier Chinese Public Figures Have ‘Disappeared’?

  • Current President Xi Jinping Has Also Been The Subject Of Such Speculations. This First Happened In 2012 When He Was Set To Be Named The Successor To CCP Chief. Xi Had Missed Meetings With Then Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Of Singapore And Then US Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton.
  • In 2018, Actress Fan Bingbing Who Has Also Made Cameo Appearances In Hollywood Movies Like Iron Man 3 And X-Men: Days Of Future Past – Disappeared From Public View. She Returned In April 2019 After A Government Investigation Was Conducted Against Her For Alleged Tax Evasion.
  • Jack Ma, Who A Few Years Ago Was Dubbed The ‘Richest Man In Asia’ As The Owner Of E-Commerce Giant Alibaba, Also Went Missing In November 2020 And Since Then His Fortune Has Dwindled Significantly.
  • In One Of His Speeches, He Criticised The Chinese Financial System As Being Outdated And He Was Then Only Seen In January Of The Next Year. After That, He Kept A Low Profile And Is Now Teaching At A University In Tokyo.

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