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Erdogan’s Victory in Turkish Election – What can be the Impact On India?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan won the highly disputed presidential election runoff by more than 2 million votes over Kemal Kilicdaroglu. Erdogan solidified his reputation as a leader in whom the public had faith. In an attempt to supplant Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s legacy, he declared that Turkey’s century had begun. The opposition was concerned that the secular Republic might devolve into a new empire and caliphate.

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Why In the News?

  • President Tayyip Erdogan Claimed Victory In Turkey’s Presidential Election On 28th May, A Win That Would Steer His Increasingly Authoritarian Rule Into A Third Decade.
  • Addressing Supporters, Erdogan Said Voters Had Given Him The Responsibility To Rule For The Next Five Years.

What Happened In Turkey Election 2023?

  • Neither Erdogan Nor Rival Kemal Kilicdaroglu Cleared The 50% Threshold Needed To Avoid A Second Round, Held On May 28, In An Election Seen As A Verdict On Erdogan’s Increasingly Authoritarian Path.
  • With Almost 97% Of Ballot Boxes Counted, Erdogan Led With 49.39% Of Votes And Kilicdaroglu Had 44.92%, According To State-owned News Agency Anadolu.
  • Turkey’s High Election Board Gave Erdogan 49.49% With 91.93% Of Ballot Boxes Counted.
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Turkey’s Political System

  • With Roughly 600 Million Voters Have Voted To Elect Both Their President As Well As Members Of Parliament.
  • The President Is Elected In Direct Voting And Candidates To Cross 50 % Mark Will Win.
  • If No Candidates Reach That Figure, There Will Be A Runoff Election On The Second Sunday After The 1st Vote.
  • In The Runoff, Only The Top 2 Candidates Of The First Ballot Will Contest, And The One With More Vote Will Become President.
  • Turkey Follows The Proportional Representation System, Where People Vote For Parties Rather Than Individual Candidates.
  • The Seats A Party Get Is Proportional To The Votes Cast In Its Favour.
  • To Enter A Parliament, A Party Needs To Win 7% Of The Vote Or Be A Constituent Of An Alliance.
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Challenges Faced Under Erdogan’s Leadership

  • Mr Erdogan’s First Decade Of Economic Revival & Warming Relations With Europe Was Followed By A Second One Filled With Social & Political Turmoil.
  • Under The Erdogan’s Rule, Turkey Is Facing Inflation & Democracy Is Still A Big Question.
  • Inflation Is Around 50% & Lira Has Shed 80% Of Its Value In 5 Years.
  • But He Would Still Be Hounded By Turkey’s Most Dire Economic Crisis Of His Time In Power, And Disquiet Over His Government’s Stuttering Response To The Earthquake That Claimed More Than 50,000 Lives.
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Why Turkey Is So Important In Geopolitics?

  • Turkey Which Is Located In Both Asia And Europe, Election Being Watched Across The World, Because Who Governs Turkey Has Wider Geopolitical Ramifications, And Because Erdogan For The First Time Looks Vincible Has Been In Power For The Last 20 Years?
  • The Presidential Vote Will Decide Not Only Who Leads Turkey, A NATO-member Country Of 85 Million, But Also Whether It Reverts To A More Secular, Democratic Path; How It Will Handle Its Severe Cost Of Living Crisis And Manage Key Relations With Russia, The Middle East And The West.
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