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PM Modi’s School In Gujarat Will Host Students From Across India

The school where PM Modi received his early education in Gujarat’s Vadnagar is being renamed “Prerna (Inspirational): The Vernacular School,” and two students from each district of the country will...

The school where PM Modi received his early education in Gujarat’s Vadnagar is being renamed “Prerna (Inspirational): The Vernacular School,” and two students from each district of the country will be given the opportunity to spend time there during a week-long study tour over the next year.

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Why In The News?

  • The School Where PM Modi Received His Early Education In Gujarat’s Vadnagar Is Being Developed As “Prerna (Inspirational): The Vernacular School” And Two Students From Each District Of The Country Will Be Offered An Opportunity To Spend Time Over The Next Year There As Part Of A Week-long Study Tour.

About The Project:

  • The School Is An Experiential Museum Spread Across 13,000 Sq Feet And 3 Storey That Will Come Up Later This Year To Display The Findings Of The Excavations In Gujarat’s Vadnagar. These Are Part Of The Centre’s Plans To Turn The PM’s Hometown Into A Tourist Hotspot.
  • As Part Of A New Project Called “Prerna”, Spaced Out Across 50 Weeks, The Ministry Of Culture Will Now Take Students From Across The Country In Batches Of 30 So That Kids Can Be “Inspired” By Modi’s School.
  • The Ministry Of Culture Said That By October This Year, An Experiential Museum On Archaeological Findings Will Be Made. Over 40,000 Artefacts, Including Beads, Statues, Coins, Etc. Will Be Displayed At The Museum.
  • Immersive Technology Such As AR/VR, 3D Displays, Installations, Replicas And Dioramas, And Activities Such As Discovery Rooms, Kiosks, Audio Guides, Workshops, Etc. Will Be Available At The Museum Which Is Being Built By The Ministry In Collaboration With The Gujarat Government.
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Excavations At Vadnagar By ASI:

  • Findings From Excavations By The Archaeological Survey Of India In The Site Indicate That There Has Been Continuous Habitation In The Site For 2,500 Years, Spanning Seven Cultural Phases Of Settlements, And It Finds Mention In Both Hindu And Jain Scriptures.
  • Archaeological Excavation Was Undertaken At The Site At Vadnagar First In 1953-54, With Subsequent Excavations Being Done Between 2005-06 And 2012-13.
  • In 2008, Excavations Led To The Findings Of An Ancient Buddhist Monastery And Votive Stupas, Which Were Established Around The First Century CE And Continued Till the 7th Century CE. The ASI Later Found A Complex Water System With Over Around 54 Water Bodies Within A 10 Km Radius.
  • Evidence From Seven Periods:
  • Pre-rampart (Pre-2nd BC), Rampart (2nd BC To 1st CE), Kshatrapa (1st To 4th CE), Post Kshatrapa (5th To 10th CE), Solanki (11th To 13th CE), Sultanate Mughal (14th To 18th CE) And Gaekwad Periods (From 18th To 19th Century AD) – Have Been Found At A 20-feet Deep Trench Dug Over The Years.
  • Traces Of A Significant Earthquake Was Also Found.
  • A Documentary On Excavations In Vadnagar Will Also Is Released On The Over-the-top Platform Prime Video And Discovery Channel.
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About The School:

  • The School Was Established In 1888 And Was Functional Until 2018. The Archaeological Survey Of India (ASI) Is Restoring The School As Part Of A Redevelopment Of Vadnagar. A Heritage School In Gujarat’s Vadnagar Where Prime Minister Narendra Modi Had His Initial Education.
  • This “Experiential School” Will Offer A “Unique Pedagogy” And Use Both Unconventional And Tech-based Means To Impart Values And Inspire Children To Become Catalysts Of Change In Future.
  • The Aim Of This Project Is Empowering Individual Thought And Self Identity, Build A Feeling Of Pride And Duty Towards The Country, Instill A Sense Of Initiative, Invoke A Feeling Of Unity And Respect For The Diversity Of Land, People And Ideologies, And Promote The Spirit Of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

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