NDA 1 2022 Vacancies For Female Candidates

NDA 1 2022 notification is published by UPSC. Male and Female candidates who are looking forward to joining the National Defence Academy after 12th can apply for the NDA 1 2022 examination. In this article, we will discuss the number of seats reserved for the girls’ candidates for the NDA 1 2022 course. An Examination will be conducted by the Union Public Service Commission on 10th April 2022 for admission to the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the NDA for the 149th Course, and for the 111th Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) commencing from 2nd January 2023.


The approximate number of vacancies to be filled on the results of this examination will be as under:

National Defence AcademyArmy208 (including 10 for female candidates)
Navy42 (including 03 for female candidates)
Air Force(i) Flying – 92 (including 02 for female candidates)
(ii) Ground Duties (Tech) – 18 (including 02 for female candidates)
(iii) Ground Duties (Non Tech) – 10 (including 02 for female candidates)
Naval Academy (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme)30 (for male candidates only)

For NDA 1 2022, out of 400 seats, 19 seats are reserved for female candidates. Out of 208 seats in Army, 10 seats are reserved for female candidates. Out of 42 Indian Navy seats, 03 seats are reserved for female candidates. Out of 120 seats in Air Force, 06 seats are reserved for female candidates. No seats are reserved in Naval Academy (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme). Hope now you have got a clear idea about the vacancies for girls in NDA 1 2022 course. Around 1-2 Lakhs girls will be applying for the NDA 1 2022 and will fight for 19 seats. If you are a serious defence aspirant, do not forget to check our NDA 2022 Online Course.

How to prepare for the NDA Exam?

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