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NDA 23rd April 2017 Written Exam Preparation Tips

UPSC is going to conduct NDA 1 2017 Exam on 23rd April 2017 and candidates are ready to take this challenge to pass the most sought after written exam to...

UPSC is going to conduct NDA 1 2017 Exam on 23rd April 2017 and candidates are ready to take this challenge to pass the most sought after written exam to join the greatest Indian defence training academy namely National Defence Academy.

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NDA 23rd April 2017 Written Exam Preparation Tips

NDA 23rd April 2017 Written Exam Preparation Tips

When it comes to NDA exam preparation, it varies from candidate to candidate all over India. Candidates who are aiming to get enrolled in esteemed B.Tech colleges of India through JEE (joint entrance exam), they start their preparation from intermediate first year or after completing their intermediate by dropping for one year. JEE aspirants go through some hard core preparation for their entrance exam with the help of some private institutions. Also, the syllabus of JEE contains almost 60-70 percent of the NDA exam syllabus, so for such candidates (JEE aspirants) NDA exam preparation is not very tough, the level of questions asked in NDA written exam are very substandard for these candidates.

If you are an eligible candidate for NDA who somehow not been to clear JEE, then instead of being disappointed you should try to attempt NDA exam. It’s a very good career choice, have a look at theofficer pay scale and allowances offered to the officers and decide for yourself.

There are also, candidates who had set their goal to join Indian Armed Forces when they were doing their matriculation. For NDA exam preparation all they have to do is stress a little more on the concepts that are common between their school syllabus and NDA exam syllabus. Since they have ample amount of time before writing the NDA written exam, daily one hour practice is enough for NDA exam preparation.

We have noticed there are students who are about to clear their intermediate exam or just have cleared their intermediate exam and they have just heard of NDA exam. Such candidates have to face comparatively a bigger competition, time they have in hand for NDA exam preparation is not much but if they prepare a time table and give isolated focus on the exam then with some proper guidance they will be able to clear the NDA written exam. They should make a note of the topics that they are good at and keep practicing on it; also they should see private tuitions for the concepts on which they are weak and give their hundred percent to cope up with the competition. There is nothing wrong with late preparation it’s all about hard work here but the career offered by NDA is worth the stress.

Tips on NDA exam preparation:

  1. Do not be late for the exam, which might cause unnecessary panic at the end which do affect your performance.
  2. Prepare from best NDA exam books and NDA previous year question papers. Most of the questions are repetitive and it will be easy for your to solve such questions if you are familiar with the formula to be used.
  3. Prepare what is important, do not waste time on preparing a topic which is less likely to come or has less weight age. To figure this out you could also join our NDA Exam coaching program which is purely an online preparation course for NDA exam.
  4. Take time to read the questions properly and then start solving them, do not presume a question before reading it carefully, it will also save your time and avoids confusion.
  5. Try to give more time to your favorite subject and get more marks in that particular section.
  6. If you are weak in a section, do not attempt more questions from that part as there is negative marking scheme, most of the candidates fail in NDA exam because they attempt too many question by guessing. Avoid it.
  7. Keep Maths formulas handy and keep revising them till the end, it will help you to remember so many formula during exam.
  8. At last, believe in yourself and in your preparation. Go for the exam to clear it and not just to try your luck, fight like a real soldier.

All the best.

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