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NDA 1 2023 Exam Online Coaching And Daily Live Classes [Download PDF]

The NDA 1 2023 exam is approaching very soon. The serious candidate has tightened their belt and started doing handwork to crack this exam in one go. Before moving further...

The NDA 1 2023 exam is approaching very soon. The serious candidate has tightened their belt and started doing handwork to crack this exam in one go. Before moving further towards the online coaching of NDA, let us first discuss the NDA exam so that our candidates get a detailed idea about this exam. 

NDA 2023 Live Classes 1

For entry into the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the NDA, the Union Public Service Commission administers the NDA exam twice a year. This exam is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to join the Army, Navy, or Air Force.

NDA 2023 Live Classes 2

Live classes for the NDA 1 2023 Exam are being given, and each of these classes is highly interactive. The candidates do not need to travel; they can watch the classes from the convenience of their own homes. The live classes are designed to be interactive so that candidates are more actively engaged and so that there is less of a chance of candidates having any questions or concerns about any of the topics that are covered. It also helps candidates improve their communication skills, which is another important quality required in candidates for this exam. This exam places a strong emphasis on candidates’ communication skills. Join Us Live and Crack NDA 1 2023 Exam. Download the PDF for NDA 1 2023 Live Classes Schedule Complete Time Table: Click here

nda live classes
nda live classes 1

NDA 1 2023 Live Classes Schedule – Complete TimeTable

NDA 1 2023 LIVE CLASSES Time Table New 1
TimingsEnglish – 9:00AMMaths – 3:00PMGK/GS – 5:00PM
Oct-11Maths Strategy & mind MappingComplete GK GS Analysis & mind Map
Oct-12Trigonometry – Class 1Physics Strategy & mind Mapping
Oct-13Trigonometry – Class 2Physics – Class 1
Oct-14Trigonometry – Class 3Physics – Class 2
Oct-15Trigonometry – Class 4Physics – Class 3
Oct-17Trigonometry – Class 5Physics – Class 4
Oct-18English Strategy & mind MappingLimits & continuity – Class 1Physics – Class 5
Oct-19SPOTTING ERRORS – Class 1Limits & continuity – Class 2Physics – Class 6
Oct-20SPOTTING ERRORS – Class 2Limits & continuity – Class 3Physics – Class 7
Oct-21SPOTTING ERRORS – Class 3Differentiability & differentiation – Class 1Physics – Class 8
Oct-25SPOTTING ERRORS – Class 4Differentiability & differentiation – Class 2Physics – Class 9
Oct-26SPOTTING ERRORS – Class 5Differentiability & differentiation – Class 3Physics – Class 10
Oct-27SPOTTING ERRORS – Class 6Applications of derivatives – Class 1Geography Strategy & mind Mapping
Oct-28SPOTTING ERRORS – Class 7Applications of derivatives – Class 2Geography – Class 1
Oct-29SPOTTING ERRORS – Class 8Applications of derivatives – Class 3Geography – Class 2
Oct-31SPOTTING ERRORS – Class 9Indefinite int & definite int. & area bounded by regions – Class 1Geography – Class 3
Nov-01SYNONYMS – Class 1Indefinite int & definite int. & area bounded by regions – Class 2Geography – Class 4
Nov-02SYNONYMS – Class 2Indefinite int & definite int. & area bounded by regions – Class 3Geography – Class 5
Nov-03SYNONYMS – Class 3Differential equations – Class 1Geography – Class 6
Nov-04SYNONYMS – Class 4Differential equations – Class 2Geography – Class 7
Nov-05SYNONYMS – Class 5Differential equations – Class 3Geography – Class 8
Nov-07SYNONYMS – Class 6Probability – Class 1Polity Strategy & mind Mapping
Nov-08SYNONYMS – Class 7Probability – Class 2Polity – Class 1
Nov-09SYNONYMS – Class 8Probability – Class 3Polity – Class 2
Nov-10SYNONYMS – Class 9Probability – Class 4Polity – Class 3
Nov-11ANTONYMS – Class 1Statistics – Class 1Polity – Class 4
Nov-14ANTONYMS – Class 2Statistics – Class 2Polity – Class 5
Nov-15ANTONYMS – Class 3Statistics – Class 3Polity – Class 6
Nov-16ANTONYMS – Class 4Statistics – Class 4Polity – Class 7
Nov-17ANTONYMS – Class 5Analytical Geometry 2D – Class 1Polity – Class 8
Nov-18ANTONYMS – Class 6Analytical Geometry 2D – Class 2Chemistry Strategy & mind Mapping
Nov-19ANTONYMS – Class 7Analytical Geometry 2D – Class 3Chemistry – Class 1
Nov-21ANTONYMS – Class 8Analytical Geometry 2D – Class 4Chemistry – Class 2
Nov-22ANTONYMS – Class 9Sets, Relations & Functions – Class 1Chemistry – Class 3
Nov-23IDIOMS & PHRASES – Class 1Sets, Relations & Functions – Class 2Chemistry – Class 4
Nov-24IDIOMS & PHRASES – Class 2Sets, Relations & Functions – Class 3Chemistry – Class 5
Nov-25IDIOMS & PHRASES – Class 3Sets, Relations & Functions – Class 4Chemistry – Class 6
Nov-28IDIOMS & PHRASES – Class 4Matrices & Determinants – Class 1Chemistry – Class 7
Nov-29IDIOMS & PHRASES – Class 5Matrices & Determinants – Class 2Chemistry – Class 8
Nov-30IDIOMS & PHRASES – Class 6Matrices & Determinants – Class 3History Strategy & mind Mapping
Dec-01IDIOMS & PHRASES – Class 7Matrices & Determinants – Class 4History – Class 1
Dec-02IDIOMS & PHRASES – Class 8Vector Algebra – Class 1History – Class 2
Dec-03IDIOMS & PHRASES – Class 9Vector Algebra – Class 2History – Class 3
Dec-05ORDERING OF WORDS – Class 1Vector Algebra – Class 3History – Class 4
Dec-06ORDERING OF WORDS – Class 2Sequence & Series – Class 1History – Class 5
Dec-07ORDERING OF WORDS – Class 3Sequence & Series – Class 2History – Class 6
Dec-08ORDERING OF WORDS – Class 4Sequence & Series – Class 3History – Class 7
Dec-09ORDERING OF WORDS – Class 5Analytical Geometry 3D – Class 1History – Class 8
Dec-12ORDERING OF WORDS – Class 6Analytical Geometry 3D – Class 2Biology Strategy & mind Mapping
Dec-13ORDERING OF WORDS – Class 7Analytical Geometry 3D – Class 3Biology – Class 1
Dec-14ORDERING OF WORDS – Class 8Complex Numbers – Class 1Biology – Class 2
Dec-15ORDERING OF WORDS – Class 9Complex Numbers – Class 2Biology – Class 3
Dec-16SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT – Class 1Complex Numbers – Class 3Biology – Class 4
Dec-17SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT – Class 2Quadratic Equations – Class 1Biology – Class 5
Dec-19SENTENCE COMPLETION (FILL IN THE BLANKS) – Class 1Quadratic Equations – Class 2Defence & Static GK – Class 1
Dec-20SENTENCE COMPLETION (FILL IN THE BLANKS) – Class 2Quadratic Equations – Class 3Defence & Static GK – Class 2
Dec-21SENTENCE COMPLETION (CLOZE TEST) – Class 1Permutation And Combination – Class 1Defence & Static GK – Class 3
Dec-22SENTENCE COMPLETION (CLOZE TEST) – Class 2Permutation And Combination – Class 2Defence & Static GK – Class 4
Dec-23Course conclusion & 100 days crash course time tablePermutation And Combination – Class 3Defence & Static GK – Class 5
Dec-26Course conclusion & 100 days crash course time tableDefence & Static GK – Class 6

The Union Public Service Commission has announced the NDA exam date for 2023. (UPSC).

The exam dates are listed in the 2023 official UPSC calendar. NDA 1 2023 notification will be made available on December 21, 2022. Applicants can access the NDA 2023 application form from December 21 through January 10, 2023.

April 16 is the exam date announced for NDA 1 2023. On May 17, 2023, NDA 2 notification will be made available. Between May 17 and June 6, 2023, the NDA 2 application form will be accessible. The NDA 2 exam for 2023 will take place on September 3rd.

SSB Interview Live Classes 3
  • The dates of NDA 1 2023 are released by the UPSC recruitment authority 
  • Candidates can download the notification from the link here or UPSC official site
  •  The notification of NDA 1 2023 will be released by the UPSC in December 2022

Candidates of any gender may apply for NDA 2023. Both a written test and an SSB interview are part of the selection process. 5.3 lakh people applied for the exam in total in 2020, and 2.4 lakh of them showed up for the exam. Candidates must start their preparation for NDA1 2023 exams to be a part of the Indian Defence forces. 

NDA 2023 Live Classes 3 1

Prepare for the NDA Exam 2023:

Let us look at the basic overview of the NDA exam to further simplify things!

NDA exam Features 
Exam nameNational Defence Academy Exam (NDA 2023)
Conducting instituteUnion Public Service Commission
NDA syllabusMaths and General Ability Test (GAT)
NDA patternWritten exam conducted in pen and paper mode
No. of test citiesMore than 70
Exam frequencyTwice a year
Exam feesINR 100 (SC/ST/Women candidates/Sons of JCOs/NCOs/ORs are exempted from fee payment)
Eligibility Passed Class 12 or are appearing in the same
Exam purposeAdmission of candidates for Army, Navy and Air Force wings of NDA and Indian Naval Academy courses

NDA 1 2023 Exam Date

Here are the official dates announced by the UPSC for the NDA1 2023. Notification will be released in December, until then the candidates can start preparing. 

Events NDA 1 Exam Date 2023
NDA 1 2023 notification21-Dec-2022
NDA 1 2023 application form21-Dec-2022 to 10-Jan-2023
NDA 1 2023 exam16-Apr-2023

NDA 1 2023 – Syllabus and Exam Pattern

 the UPSC NDA syllabus includes Math and GAT themes and subtopics. In order to comprehend the subjects that are thought to be crucial for the exam, candidates must thoroughly understand the syllabus. The standards for the NDA syllabus include Class 10, 11, and 12. Candidates will be able to arrange their studies well by using the syllabus to identify the key exam subjects. Click here to check the syllabus. 

Checkout the exam NDA 1 2023 exam pattern below!

  • Candidates should be aware of the importance of each subject because it will assist them plan their exam preparation.
  • Section I (Mathematics) and  (General Aptitude Test)- Section II make up the exam’s two sections
  • Total of 270 questions will be asked in total during the exam (120 from Mathematics and 150 from General Ability Test).
  • There will be a 2.5 hours session for each section.

If you are preparing for the NDA 1 2023 and NDA 2 2023 written exam and SSB interview, you can check SSBCrackExams online courses and mock tests.

Since now, we have given detailed information about the NDA exam, let us discuss the online coaching for the NDA exam.

NDA 2023 Live Classes 2

Many candidates must be seeking online guidance and tutoring with the comfort of sitting at the home. Online coaching is not necessary, but can be proved beneficial in the following ways to the candidates:-

  • Online coaching helps complete the syllabus in the desired stipulated time. 
  • The experienced faculty’s help and guidance for the exam. 
  • The online coaching helps the candidates to stay focused and determined throughout the preparation. 
  • Online coaching maintains the consistency that is often lost by the candidates during the self-preparation
  • Online coaching provides materials, that lessen the time spent by the candidate in finding the material. 

Since the whole course is designed in such a way that the whole syllabus gets completed before the time, it gives the candidate enough time and guidance to crack the NDA exam. Online coaching is preferable to candidates who are first-timers in the NDA 1 2023 exam.

Want To Join Nation Defence Academy and Prepare For The NDA Exam?

The NDA coaching by SSBCrackExams

There are many coaching institutes that provide online tutoring for the NDA exam, but out of those, we believe that SSBCrackExams provide the best online coaching for the NDA exam. We have several reasons that give us the better position to say so. The following reasons to choose NDA online coaching from the SSBCrackExams are as follows;- 

  1. Updated Syllabus

SSBCrackExams believe in staying up to date with syllabus when it comes to NDA exam. The NDA course is designed in a manner which is up-to-date with the NDA syllabus released by the UPSC. So, there comes no worry for the updated studies as SSBCrackExams do it by themselves.

  1. Interactive Live Classes

The live classes are conducted, which are fully interactive. The candidates need not travel and watch the classes at their comfort. The live classes are made interactive in order to engage the candidates more and to remove the chance if having any doubts about any topic that is taught. It also helps in bettering the communication skills of the candidates, which is another important quality required in candidates for this exam.

  1. Comprehensive Course

The course is designed by defence experts keeping in mind the UPSC pattern, which covers all the basic to complex topics that need to be studied for the NDA exam. 

  1. 24×7 Doubt Solving

The SSBCrackExams is the only education platform that provides its students with the option to clear their doubts anytime through, chats, calls or emails. This option helps the candidates in focusing clearly on the topics.

  1. 1:1 Mentors

Personal attention is provided to each and every student as personal mentors are assigned to each student. The student can contact, ask a doubt, or talk to them for guidance for the exam. This option helps the candidates in staying connected to the preparation.

  1. Video Lectures

The video lectures are provided for better interaction and ease of the students. The notes, lectures and synopsis are made keeping the UPSC NDA trends in mind. 

  1. Affordable

The NDA online course is affordable for students. Also, they get a whole year subscription with it. Along, with other factors, this factor can also be considered while taking the NDA online coaching.

  1. Experienced Faculties 

The best and most experienced faculties teach the students and guide them. The faculties are themselves experts in their fields, having in depth knowledge of every topic. 

NDA 2023 Live Classes 3 1

Let us look at the overview of the course provided by the SSBCrackExams. The most Comprehensive UPSC NDA online course is here!

NDA Exam CourseNo. of LessonsStudy Material
Exam Overview42 LessonsYes 
Answer Keys683 LessonsYes 
Study Plan and Analysis24 LessonsYes 
Defence/Current Affairs924 LessonsYes 
Mathematics996 LessonsYes 
English586 LessonsYes 
Static GK272 LessonsYes 
History122 LessonsYes 
Polity149 LessonsYes 
Economics59 LessonsYes 
Geography69 LessonsYes 
Biology284 LessonsYes 
Chemistry240 LessonsYes 
Physics187 LessonsYes 


The NDA 1 2023 exam is nearby and candidates must prepare themselves to crack this exam in go. To help with the preparation and full-on guidance, the candidates can take the help of the online coaching of NDA. SSBCrackExams provide the most comprehensive NDA online coaching. It provides online support, the best faculty, and personal attention. Interactive session etc. for more updates, candidates can put their doubts in the comment scion below. Jai Hind!

Want To Join Nation Defence Academy and Prepare For The NDA Exam?

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