30 Out of the Box Questions asked in SSB Interviews and their Responses

The SSB Interview is conducted for those candidates who successfully clear the entrance exam. The Interview is spanned over five days where candidates are put through a series of tests to judge their personality using psychological tests as well as fitness tests.

One of the most important parts of the SSB Interview is the Personal Interview round.

Questions during the Personal Interview can be asked from any topic ranging from current affair to personal questions.

Most of the questions asked can be answer objectively.

Subjective questions often put the candidates on the spot which makes them nervous. These questions are usually asked to test how a candidate would respond; whether they would keep their cool or get tensed up.

In this article we have provided a list of 30 out-of-the-box questions asked in SSB Interviews and their responses to help you get a better understanding of what can be asked.

30 out-of-the-box questions asked in SSB Interviews and their responses:

1. What will you do if someone runs away with your sister?

Your answer could be either you would arrange for the families to meet and get them married, if they consent to, or you would not be okay with it and get her back home.

2. Tell me four uses of a sketch pen.

  • To write
  • To colour
  • To use as a bookmark
  • To play with

3. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Be honest with your answer. Answer in yes or no.

4. Do you have a physical relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

You can choose to answer this question or refrain from answering altogether. If you decide to answer, be truthful.

5. Have you ever liked someone of the same gender?

Again, you can refrain from answering this question if you are not comfortable. You can also answer in a yes or no.

6. Do you plan on getting married?

You can answer by starting with a yes or no and then proceed to give your views on marriage; whether you believe in a love or arranged marriage.

7. Is the door of the room a push or pull door?

This question puts you on the spot as it judges your sense of awareness. Always pay close attention to all details.

8. Do you drink?

If you do drink occasionally, you can be honest with the officer. You may be asked why you drink if you know it is bad for your health. You can answer by saying you only drink on occasion and that you never exceed your limits.

9. What is the highest number you can make with four digits?

The highest number you can make with four digits is 9999.

10. How would you measure the area of this room?

Your answer can be you could measure this room by using an approximate measure of the tiles and then multiplying it. You could also measure the area if you know your foot size, by using your foot as a scale.

11. Do you watch porn?

Again, you can refrain from answering this question. If you do choose to answer in yes, you may be asked if you are addicted or not. Try answering honestly without getting worked up.

12. What is your biggest fear?

The answer to this question is subjective in nature. It could be a phobia or any other fear you may have.

13. If you had a genie, what would your three wishes be?

Answer whatever your truest desire may be. It could be getting recommended, getting rich, or even having magical powers. There is no right or wrong answer to the question.

14. Would you marry someone from a different religion?

You can be honest with your answer. If you answer no, you can proceed to say that your marriage may have conflicts if you two have different core ethics or beliefs. If you answer yes, you can say that religion is not an important aspect for you when it comes to marriage.

15. Do you smoke?

Answer truthfully. Again, you may be asked why you smoke if you answer with a yes. Calmly answer all questions that you may be asked related to smoking and its ill effects.

16. What is your worst habit?

Could be anything from getting up late to procrastination. Answer whatever comes to mind and whatever is applicable to you.

17. Do you think you have the qualities of an officer?

If you truly believe you have the qualities of an officer, you can answer in yes. If you are unsure, you can always answer saying you have a few qualities but wish to improve them and learn new ones alongside.

18. If you are deemed unfit, what will you do?

You can answer saying that if you are deemed unfit and can change something about it then you will work hard and reverse the effects. But if it is genetic, or irreversible then you will not be able to change anything. In that case, you will have to move on from joining the forces and pick a different career.

19. One quality you dislike about your best friend.

You can name any quality you truly dislike. Can vary from laziness to lack of hygiene. Be honest with you answer and additionally give a justification for your answer.

20. Compare a government job and a private job.

You can talk about the aspect of receiving pension after retirement from a government job. Further, you can avail medical treatment and ample paid leave.

21. What will you do if someone misbehaves with your mother at the market?

You can either opt for an aggressive approach or a passive one. In all honesty, no one would by okay with such a situation. You can always be honest with the officer even if you pick an aggressive approach.

22. If your best friend and a homeless person were drowning, who would you save?

Realistically, almost everyone would save their best friend as one has a connection with them. Answer truthfully about who you would save. There is no right answer.

23. How would you build awareness around the LGBTQ+ community?

You could answer by saying that you would start by defeating stigmas around the topic with friends and family. For a bigger impact, you can host a campaign, online and offline, and even conduct awareness talks.

24. Are you religious?

Again, there is no right or wrong answer. If you are religious, you can always answer with a yes and also tell the officer if you chose to be religious or it was something forced by family or society. If you are not religious, you can always answer with a no and give your reasons for the same.

25. What would you do if you got someone pregnant before marriage?

You can answer saying either you would get married to the woman and continue with the pregnancy, if she consents. If you are not ready to have a baby, because of low income, too young, or whatever reason, if the woman agrees, you can opt for an abortion. In any case, you would not leave the woman to fend for herself and support her throughout.

26. What makes you different from the other candidates?

If you think you have certain characteristics that set you apart from the rest, you can always confidently answer. You can mention any skill or aspect you are proud of. Answer confidently and be honest.

27. What is the meaning of your name?

This answer doesn’t require much thinking and there is no right or wrong answer to the question.

28. What is your daily routine?

You can mention the routine you adopted to prepare for the SSB Interview, including your studies, time for physical activity, your breaks and the time you took out to spend with your family and friends.

29. Are you happy with your friend group?

If you answer with a yes, you can mention how your current friend group is supportive and positive of the decisions you make, and you can mention how your friends have taught you key lessons which you will remember. If you answer with a no, you can mention how your friends are unsupportive and lack direction in life. Further, you can mention how you want to breakaway from them and surround yourself with more positive individuals.

30. What do you think about females being allowed to join the NDA?

Your answer can be that they shouldn’t have been disallowed in the first place. You can further add that change is being brought about in the right direction and you would be honoured to train amongst them. If you think females shouldn’t be allowed, give justifications for the same.

In this article, we have gone through 30 out-of-the-box question that may be asked during the SSB Interview along with their responses.

I hope this article was helpful and gave a better understanding of what subjective questions can be asked.

Comment any out-of-the-box question you were asked during your SSB Interview!

All the best to all candidates appearing for the SSB.

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