75 Paratroopers of the Parachute Brigade commemorated Independence day celebrations

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Paratroopers of the Parachute Brigade commemorated Independence day celebration 2021, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav by conducting one of its kind Combat Free-Fall by 75 paratroopers of Shatrujeet Brigade of Indian Army and Indian Air Force in Agra.

IAF An-32 aircraft, Air Warriors, and Indian Army paratroopers in action during Independence Day celebrations at Agra.

The vast blue expanse of the sky is behind them as the SkyDivers from 75 X Paratroopers undertake para jump and glide towards the ground, in line with Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, today.

Indian Air Force displayed its transport aircrafts employed in airborne operations. Shatrujeet Brigade also put its rapid response capability on display by a live demonstration of employment of BMPs, Artillery Guns, Vehicle mounted Anti Tank Missiles and Air Defense Missiles. Visuals of the enthralling display by Shatrujeet Brigade of Indian Army.

All About Shatrujeet Brigade (50th Parachute Brigade) of Indian Army:

“The parachute regiment”, this name can send deep shivers to the enemies, and moments of pride for the patriots. The regiment is divided into several battalions, who have proved their mettle time and time again. The regiment traces its origin back to the formation of the 50th Parachute Brigade during the British government, in the year 1941 during the Second World War under the command of Brigadier WGH Gough.

After the formation, the brigade was sent into the battle of Sangshak, where it was tasked with delaying the Japanese forces, moving up for the battle of Imphal.

The name ‘Shatrujeet’ given to the brigade has a special story, which is derived from a Puranic character named ‘Shatrujeet’ who could win on any enemy, the structure of this warrior looked like a person attached to a horse which signifies his power and agility in the warfare.


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