Ranks And Insignia Of Indian Navy [Updated]

Dear Warriors, There are nearly limitless opportunities for the ambitious Sailor or Officer, to make a Navy career even more significant. What’s unique about the Navy is that once you’ve embarked on your career, the only way to go from there is up. Joining the Indian Navy is only the first step up the ladder. The Navy offers a professional support system wherein as you spend time in the Navy you will be trained and groomed to rise up the career ladder.

The Navy has a very fair and just system of promotions, wherein your hard work, sincerity, skills and talent are given due recognition and rewarded. The symbolic rank structure of officers and sailors in the Navy is as follows

RankBadge / InsigniaRankBadge
AdmiralAdmiral Badge Admiral Insignia Master Chief Petty Officer Ist ClassMaster Chief Petty Officer Ist Class Badge 
Vice AdmiralVice Admiral Badge Vice Admiral Insignia Master Chief Petty Officer IInd ClassMaster Chief Petty Officer IInd Class Badge 
Rear AdmiralRear Admiral Badge Rear Admiral Insignia Chief Petty OfficerChief Petty Officer Badge 
CommodoreCommodore BadgePetty OfficerPetty Officer Badge
CaptainLeading Rate BadgeLeading RateCaptain Insignia
CommanderCommander BadgeSeaman Ist Class 
Lieutenant CommanderLieutenant Commander BadgeSeaman 2nd Class 
LieutenantLieutenant Badge  
Sub LieutenantSub Lieutenant Badge  
MidshipmanMidshipman Badge 

Equivalent Ranks Of Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force

Ranks and Insignia are the important identification of a soldier serving in the armed forces, also it is equally important for us to identify the ranks and insignia of a soldier correctly whenever we see them. So would be officers! Ready to know about your rank when you get inducted and promotions? I hope you are ready as well as excited. So let us take an overview of different types of ranks in the Indian Defense.

Below you can find the equivalent ranks of Indian army, navy and air force.

Indian ArmyIndian NavyIndian Air Force
Field MarshalAdmiral of the FleetMarshal of the Air Force
GeneralAdmiralAir Chief Marshal
Lieutenant GeneralVice AdmiralAir Marshal
Major GeneralRear AdmiralAir Vice Marshal
BrigadierCommodoreAir Commodore
ColonelCaptainGroup Captain
Lieutenant ColonelCommanderWing Commander
MajorLieutenant CommanderSquadron Leader
CaptainLieutenantFlight Lieutenant
LieutenantSub-LieutenantFlying Officer

Personnel Below Officer Ranks

Subedar MajorMaster Chief Petty Officer (First Class)Master Warrant Officer
SubedarMaster Chief Petty Officer (Second Class)Warrant Officer
Naib SubedarChief Petty OfficerJunior Warrant Officer
HavaldarPetty OfficerSergeant
NaikAble SeamanCorporal
Lance NaikLeading SeamanLeading Aircraftsman
  • Field Marshal Kondandera Madappa Cariappa (1899–1993)
  • Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw (1914–2008)
  • Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh

Indian Army Rank Insignia

Indian Navy Rank Insignia

Indian Air Force Rank Insignia


Sailors who possess unique leadership qualities and fulfil requisite conditions in terms of age, education etc can aspire to become Commissioned Officer in the Navy through Commission worthy (CW) scheme and Special Duties (SD) scheme. Such officer can aspire to Command Ships and Units and even rise to become Admirals! That is Navy’s way of giving an opportunity to deserving few who for some unforeseen reasons could not make it to the officer rank.

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