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Recommended From 1 AFSB Dehradun In My 4th Attempt

“The situations maybe stormy now but they can’t rain forever.” Hello everyone, I am Narvijay Singh and I come from Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. I got recommended from 1...

“The situations maybe stormy now but they can’t rain forever.”

Hello everyone, I am Narvijay Singh and I come from Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. I got recommended from 1 AFSB, Dehradun in my fourth attempt for AFCAT 2-2023 on 8 December 2023, a day before my younger brother got commissioned into the Indian Army from IMA, Dehradun.

1 afsb dehradun

I come from a complete civilian background. My father is primarily a teacher and my mother is a home-maker. I have completed my academics as an average student who scored 66 % in Class 12 but had one big old dream to join the Indian Airforce.

My journey began on 9 May 2022 when I went to Guwahati for the first AFSB of my life but this didn’t end well as I was Conference Out. In the next attempt in December 2022, I was Screen Out followed by one more Conference Out in June 2023. By this time, I was so frustrated that I decided to switch my career if I didn’t get recommend in my next attempt. I chose Dehradun as my centre and worked upon my performance to enhance my personality. The day came so fast and I reached Dehradun on 3 December 2023, confident and well prepared for the mission.

DAY 01

The day begins with a brief document verification at the gate followed by breakfast and detailed instructions about AFSB interview from the DSO.


OIR- The OIR was easy and I was able to complete all 50 questions in both the sets before given time.

PP&DT- I perceived the picture carefully and wrote a sensible story. Narrated the story well and also participated actively in the discussion which gave me an opportunity to narrate the group story.

Shortly, the results were announced and 66 out of 187 candidates successfully cleared the Stage I. Everyone informed their parents and girlfriends hahaha and later got their original documents checked by the officers. After that, we were allotted new chest numbers and were divided into groups of 7-8 candidates. We had lunch and were having 2 hours before the psychology tests, so I didn’t waste time and revised my PIQ and SDT.



TAT- I avoided unnecessary negativity and wrote logical stories making a positive impact on the society.

WAT- It was my favourite part, so I didn’t face any problem and wrote meaningful sentences. Completed all 60 WATs which came in my mind.

SRT- They were easy and I wrote short and crisp solutions. Did 50 SRTs logically & sensibly in the given time.

SDT- I already prepared it, so I just made necessary changes in it to relate it with my psych responses and completed it on time.

PIQ- After tiring psychology tests, we were asked to fill the PIQ form which we immediately did as per the instructions.

The DSO then briefed us about the stay and provided instructions to be followed during Stage II. After that, all of us rushed to mess to have dinner and then went to sleep.

DAY 02

Today, Our group was having interviews from 7:30 AM, so all of us got ready on time after having breakfast and went to the waiting room with huge excitement.

I was well prepared for this but it just lasted for 18-20 minutes which was strange as the same IO took interviews of other candidates in my group for 45-50 minutes. However, my interview started with simple questions about me and the place I am coming from followed by the series of questions about my education, friends, family and hobbies or interests. He also asked me my reasons to join the Indian Airforce? Cross checked my knowledge about it and hurrah, the interview was over.

I was honest and put my best efforts which gave me a feeling of satisfaction. I was happy and bit nervous thinking about the time of interview but I knew the IO has either passed me or failed me.

After we were done with the interview, we learned about the experience of each other in group and enjoyed the remaining day playing badminton and table tennis after having lunch.

DAY 03

Our group wasn’t having any testing today, so we got up late in the morning. Also we had a outing today, so we all got ready on time and visited several places in Dehradun such as Buddha Temple, Clement Town Lake, Graphic Era and enjoyed delicious local cuisines like momos & laphing. I was lucky to have such wonderful people in my group who made my stay memorable and in the night, we learned about one another’s love life, shared exciting horror stories and prepared ourselves for the next day.

DAY 04 (GTO-1)

I came mentally prepared for it this time by running and doing exercises.

GD- All of us decided that we will give chance to everyone and won’t interrupt anyone for no reason but as soon as GD began, everyone forgot whatever they decided hahaha. I was practicing GDs with my friends on G-Meet since I got conference out in my previous attempt, so I was prepared for it and was satisfied with my performance.

GPE-  I wrote logical solutions and was an active participant in discussion which helped group to reach out to a common solution.

GOR– It was a great fun. We helped each other in tackling obstacles and were declared winners of the race.

PGT– I gave rational solutions, appreciated other’s workable solutions and helped people to cross the obstacles quickly without becoming an obstruction.

HGT– Our group was now divided into two sub-groups in 4:3. The obstacles were same as the PGT. We performed well and quickly solved the obstacle.

Lecturette– I was the second candidate in my group and spoke well  for 3 minutes on Entertainment. The best part about my lecturette was that I included everything we did throughout our stay for entertainment like outing & sharing horror stories.

With these tests, the Day 1 of the GTO ended in a productive way.


It was a final day of our batch, so all of us were very excited and reached the venue of Ground Tests on time.

Command Task– I was called twice by group members and were given a challenging task as the GTO kept on changing rules but I completed it within given time without any penalty.

Individual Obstacles– I was damn sure that I am going to fuck my performance here as the individual obstacles in the AFSB are little tough. I lived upto my expectations hahaha and completed just 5/10 obstacles.

FGT– We solved the obstacle quickly but GTO was changing the rules, so I stepped forward and gave the logical solutions to complete the task.

With this, our ground tests were over and we had a short conversation with the GTO. He learned about our interests and wished all the best for conference. We then rushed to our room and were given 30 minutes to change ourselves and get ready for the conference.


The conference had already begun with the freshers and we were asked to sit in the designated room. I was waiting outside on a chair thinking how I’ll write my success story if I get recommended this time. Just kidding hahaha, I was nervous and my heartbeats were at its peak. My turn came and I went inside, the conference went for 50 to 60 seconds with usual questions and how will you utilise the significance of your name in the Indian Airforce? With this I came outside from the conference hall.

After lunch, we were asked to gather in Arjan Singh Hall and trust me, this waiting is the hardest of all but we had no other choice. Shortly, the DSO came inside and gave his speech. He was going to announce the results and now this was the moment which everyone was waiting for. The DSO opened his file and began announcing chest numbers of the recommended candidates. As soon as he announced my chest number, everything that I had been through in the past few years flashed in front of my eyes in a moment, I was so stunned that couldn’t speak anything. I somehow managed to call out my name and date of birth.

ssb interview books pack

Seven of us were recommended. We shook hands with the DSO and after that, we were taken in a separate room where we were given two minutes to inform our parents. I called my father and said “Papa, ho gaya recommend.” This was the time when I had tears in my eyes and quickly cut the call as I wasn’t able to speak anything with such heavy heart. We (Dishant, Mohan, Harsh, Mayank, Pasha bhai and Anjani) hugged and supported each other and quickly filled up the required documents.

IMA Dehradun

After that, I changed my clothes and left the AFSB for the hotel where my parents were staying as my brother was going to get commissioned from IMA on the very next day, so it was like a double happiness for my family.


All 7 of us made a separate group on whatsapp and now, we all started worrying about our medicals. With fun and laughter, we never realised when our medicals came which were scheduled on 10 January at AFCME, Delhi. We had lot of fun at AFCME, playing cards and late night walks but this happiness for me didn’t last long as I got two TRs, Transaminitis and Right Otitis Media. Now, it was the time to become a doctor without having any degree. I searched the whole google, consulted several doctors and enquired lot of friends just to get a positive satisfaction.

I followed the prescribed medications and shortly received my reporting date for the Appeal Medical Board (AMB). I went to Base Hospital with a hope to get Fit but destiny had different plans as I was able to clear my previous two TRs but got two new TRs haha, Sub Standard Hearing in Right Ear and Bilateral Poor Middle Ear Compliance. I was shocked and lost all the hopes to join the Airforce when results were announced.

There is a saying, “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers,” so I just accepted the reality and started focusing on my other targets but one day, I get a call from DG-AFMS for the Review Medical Board (RMB) which filled positivity in me. This time I didn’t consult any doctor nor searched anything on Google haha, just took my documents and went to Army Hospital (Research and Referral), Delhi. After documents, I undergone various investigations by the specialists and to my surprise, all my reports came normal and was declared FIT with flying colours.

I thanked all the medical board members and quickly informed my parents and friends who were filled with joy. I paid gratitude to the god and this was the day I realised that, “It’s not over until I win.”


I want to thank my parents, my mentors and my friends who supported me along the way and a special thanks to SSBCrack for providing me an opportunity to share my experience with other members of the same fraternity. Jai Hind.

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