What is Special Composite Group and How to Join it?

The Indian Armed Forces constitute one of the best Special Forces in the world. But today as the country is progressing towards a stronger country, various changes are being made in the country’s manpower and especially in the Armed Forces. Not only in the armed forces but in the para-military forces of the country as well, we can see various forces with their specialized skills in counter Terrorism, threats, and Insurgencies. In this article, we shall learn about one of the specialized forces of the NSG which is the Special Composite Group (SCG).

Special Composite Group (SCG)

The Special Composite Group (SCG) of the National Security Guard (NSG) is a special group in India that is in charge of counter-terrorism operations in high-risk situations like hostage rescues, hijackings, and terrorist attacks.

The SCG is made up of highly trained and experienced commandos drawn from various branches of India’s armed forces, such as the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF). Close-quarter combat, marksmanship, explosives handling, and tactical operations are among the skills taught to these commandos.

The SCG is armed with cutting-edge weaponry such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, and grenades. They also use specialized equipment to carry out their operations, such as night-vision goggles, body armor, and communication devices. In addition to its primary role in counter-terrorism operations, the SCG also provides training and assistance to other Indian law enforcement agencies. It also takes part in international joint exercises and training programs with other special forces units.

Various SCG Hubs around the Country

Under regional deployment, NSG has established five regional hubs. SCG is made up of personnel from both the Army and CAPFs who are responsible for counter-terror operations within their area of responsibility. As Group Commander, each SCG is led by a colonel-level officer on deputation from the Indian Army. The five regional hubs are as follows:

  • 26 SCG Mumbai
  • 27 SCG Chennai
  • 29 SCG Kolkata
  • 30 SCG Gandhinagar
  • 28 SCG Hyderabad
26 SCG
27 SCG
28 SCG Complex Hyderabad
30 SCG

The Various Arms and Weapons used by the Special Composite Group of the NSG are

Small Arms, Glock-17 pistol, SIG SG 551 assault rifle, Beretta AR70/90 Assault rifle, Franchi SPAS-15 Combat shotgun, TriCa 7.62×39 mm Carbine, M249 Light machine gun, Heckler & Koch MSG90 sniper rifle, Heckler & Koch PSG1 A1 sniper rifle, IWI Tavor X95 bullpup rifle, Barrett Model 98B Sniper rifle, Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun, SIG MPX Submachine gun, Glock knives, CornerShot guns.

How to Join Special Composite Group?

Joining and recruitment in the SCG is not a direct process. An individual who is willing to join the SCG will have to be part of the Indian Armed Forces or the CAPF which is the Central Armed Forces of the country. Once you are in the forces, you may be called directly by the NSG Headquarters for your deputation in the NSG and then the SCG, or if you are so eager to join the SCG, you may volunteer for the probation period in the NSG. Once you have cleared the probation, you will be working with the NSG and later on if lucky then SCG.

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