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An Overview Of SSB Interview Complete Procedure

Hello Warriors, This article is a guide to those who are totally new and want to begin from the beginning. This means that this article contains a general overview of...

Hello Warriors, This article is a guide to those who are totally new and want to begin from the beginning. This means that this article contains a general overview of the procedure followed at SSB for the testing. Those of you who don’t know anything about SSB will get to know about the procedure followed at SSB for testing. You can then read various other articles from our website SSBCrack which are giving a detailed account of each test in the SSB.

SSB or Service Selection Board is a five-day procedure divided into two stages. A candidate who clears Stage 1 only goes to Stage 2 and stays for four more days.

The two stages are as follows:

Stage 1: This stage is known as the Basic Screening Test and comprises of two tests:

  1. Officer Intelligence Rating Test (OIR) Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning
  2. Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) 

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Stage 2: This stage comprises of three different tests: 

Psychological Test

Psychological Test Comprises of 4 tests which are as follows:

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self-Description Test (SD)

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Group Testing Officers Test (GTO)

Group Testing is for 2 days and is comprising of 9 Tasks:

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise)
  3. Progressive Group task
  4. Group Obstacle Race (Snake race)
  5. Half Group Task
  6. Lecturette
  7. Individual Obstacles
  8. Command Task
  9. Final Group Task

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Personal Interview

In this exercise, the candidate is in direct conversation with the Interviewing Officer, and the Interview is conducted for 35-40 minutes. The Interview is conducted on the basis of the Personal Information Questionnaire Form (PIQ) which is filled by the candidate on their arrival to the SSB Board. 

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Conference (Final Day)

This is like the conclusion of the SSB Stay of a candidate. This is the Final day generally (Except for Flying Branch Candidates). On this final day, the fate of the candidate is decided and thus it is an important day. The candidates are required to appear one by one in front of the complete Board Of Officers comprising of the President of the board, Deputy President, Group Testing Officers, Psychologists & Technical Officers. The candidate can be asked the following questions also:

  1. How was your stay at the SSB Board?
  2. Did you go out anywhere? Who accompanied you? Where did you go and what all did you find there?
  3. How was the food in the mess?
  4. Any other suggestions?

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After the Board Meeting of every candidate is over, the final results are declared within half an hour. Selected candidates are required to stay for filling up of the forms. They may even be asked to stay for medical examinations and Flying Branch candidates are required to stay for Computerized Pilot Selection System Test also is known as the CPSS test has replaced the well-known PABT test to select the best candidates for the Indian air force flying branch. The remaining candidates are sent back.

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