All About OIR Test In A Nutshell

Officers Intelligence and Rating Test [OIR Test] is conducted as a part of screening process, in the Phase I testing. There are a lot many things associated with OIR Test. This is an important test, and plays a major role in your selection in the Phase I Testing. Let us see what are the important aspects related to OIR in a nutshell.

  • It is a test of basic reasoning. Your ability to answer, quickly and correctly and your capacity to think at the spur of the moment is tested in this test.
  • There is no rocket science in the questions which are asked in OIR. These are simple reasoning questions which are easy and just require simple logic.
  • Your proficiency in any field is not checked, as mentioned the questions are simply based on logical reasoning, both verbal and non-verbal.
  • With your basic logic you should be able to answer maximum questions, however a little practice won’t hurt. So it would be best if you can practice some of these questions before going to SSB. Any reasoning book will be good for this purpose.
  • There are two test booklets for OIR. These booklets are a mixture of verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions.
  • Before the test starts a practice test of around 10-15 questions will be given.
  • The practice test should be done very carefully. The reason behind this is that the practice set contains the type of questions which are asked in the actual test. They tell you the answers once you finish your practice tests. So you get an idea of what is the kind of answers which might be expected.
  • Sometimes for certain questions there could be two kinds of path you could follow for reasoning. So when you do the practice test you will get an idea that what is the kind of reasoning path they expect in such situations. Also in case you have any doubt regarding the answer or any conflict with the answer you have and which they told, so you can clarify with them and get assured.
  • So doing the practice test seriously is very important.
  • The two booklets for the test will have around 40-50 questions each. The time given for doing both of them will be around 40 minutes for both of the tests.
  • The booklets have both verbal and non-verbal questions of reasoning. The key is solve as many as fast and correctly.
  • Do not spend a lot of time on any one question. If you don’t know move on.
  • Also try doing as many questions as possible. Try doing the most of them because there is no negative marking.
  • Candidates have a myth that OIR plays no major part in selection but it does, both in the selection and in the merit list.
  • All the best. Do well.

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    What is the duration of this test(TAT)?

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