2000+ OIR Test Questions For SSB Interview – OIR Test Online Course

Many defence aspirants were asking for the OIR Test Online course for the SSB interview screening test preparation that happens in State-1 at SSB. Finally, SSBCrackExams has published the Officers Intelligence Rating Test OIR Test Online Course with full lectures, study notes, questions and answers including mock tests. Just going through these lectures and questions will be enough to clear the OIR test at SSB Interview. This is the first test in the SSB Procedure where the intelligence level of a candidate is tested.

On the basis of Officer Intelligence Rating OIR test, the Assessors will rate each and every candidate and it may even affect your chances of getting recommended even if you get screened in. This is a simple test and any person with average intelligence can easily solve it within the allotted time.Even if you are not able to complete or perform well in Officer Intelligence Rating OIR Test, there is nothing to worry as you still have chances of getting recommended if you perform well in PPDT.

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