5 Strategies to Boost Your Confidence for the SSB Interview

SSB Interview is nerve-wracking no matter your circumstances. If the thought of sitting across from your interviewer in SSB Interview makes your stomach turn, you are not alone. But don’t let your nerves get the best of you! Try one or all of these strategies that will help you feel calm, cool, and collected—or at least make you appear that way.

Tip 1 : Use Breathing Techniques

While waiting to be greeted by your interviewer, take a few moments to do some breathing exercises. By doing this, you can redirect the troublesome emotion you are experiencing (e.g., nervousness or fear) and be able to focus on something else (like the ways to maintain correct body postures and eye contact with the interviewer). Take a deep breath through your nose and then slowly blow it out through your mouth. Repeat this three times, while concentrating on centering your thoughts, and you will feel your confidence rise up.

Tip 2 : Practice Speaking Out Loud and Smiling

Candidates before the SSB interview often fret at home alone going over the perfect answers they have prepared for the questions they anticipate. They haven’t spoken out loud all day, and without noticing it, they feel stressed and nervous. Public speaking and enunciation are skills that are needed to be practised in order to master them. Once the interview starts, it’s extremely difficult to correct the speaking problems because then they may become too nervous or just plain don’t notice them. Practice speaking your answers out loud so you can hear your voice and correct any nervous intonations, pitch problems, or pacing issues before you go to your interview. Don’t forget to smile. Smile often before your interview to get in the habit of doing so, and you’ll feel more comfortable offering a genuine smile while you’re greeted and when you’re being interviewed.

Tip 3 : Listen to Upbeat Music

When you are in your interview, you want to sound excited and enthusiastic and not downtrodden and beaten up for your dream job. Do whatever you do to pump yourself up and put yourself in the mood to win, whether it’s listening to upbeat music or watching motivational YouTube videos, or just reading inspirational quotes.

Tip 4 : Do One Extroverted Act Before Your Interview

Smile at a stranger. Start small talk with the barista. Chat with the candidates before your interview. SSB interviewers aren’t just looking for the person who has the perfect answer for every question, they’re also searching for someone who can fit the team dynamic. If you come across as someone who’s shut off and impersonal, no matter how well you answer the questions, you may seem distant and non-participant. Always remember that the small talk that occurs at the beginning of the interview is equally important as the interview itself, so put yourself in a friendly mood by being an extrovert for a few minutes in the morning or the day before the interview.

    Tip 5 : Think Positively

Finally, calm your nerves by reminding yourself that you deserve to be there. You wouldn’t have been called for the SSB interview in the first place if you weren’t being seriously considered as a candidate! Use this knowledge to your advantage to mentally pump yourself up before the interview. It can take the edge off enough to allow you to approach the situation with a burst of self-assurance and poise.

Follow these above-mentioned important tips to calm your interview jitters and boost up your level of confidence before the SSB Interview. Most importantly, remember that while you certainly need to be calm, collected, and confident in order to achieve your dream, SSB interview is not a life-or-death situation. So, be confident of yourself, shun your fear of losing and face the challenge like a true soldier. Don’t forget to relax and believe in yourself.

Jai Hind!

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