TGC 133 SSB Interview Dates And Venue

Recently Indian Army has published the TGC 133 Cut off marks, candidates who have made it are being called for the TGC 133 SSB Interviews. The TGC 133 SSB Interview date selection is open on the official website of the Indian Army. Candidates who have cleared the TGC 133 cut off are required to select their SSB interview date.

TGC 133 SSB Interview Date

  • Candidates who are shortlisted can check their TGC 133 SSB interview date and venue on the official website now.
  • Only candidates who meet the TGC 133 cut off marks will be called for the SSB interview.
  • Shortlisted candidates will get the option to select the TGC 133 SSB date online at join Indian army website.
  • TGC 133 SSB Interviews will start from May – June 2021.
  • TGC 133 SSB interview will be conducted at SSB Allahabad, Bhopal, Bangalore and Kapurthala.

TGC 133 Cut Off Marks

  • As always, Mechanical has the highest cut off marks i.e. 84%
  • Lowest cut off for many branches is 60%
  • Total notified TGC 133 vacancies are 40.


  1. Bharat Singh

    Are chemical engineers applicable too? I'm just interested in TGC SSB but didn't found my branch. Tell me if I'm eligible?
  2. Harish

    ello I have 67% in b tech (MECH) and did not receive SSB date for TGC 133 this year also due to less than reqd %age. Having said that, I am 26 yrs old and do I still have any chance to any of the 3 Defence exams , as I far as I know i am not eligible for AF, Navy, but just want to know if I am still eligible for any exam that I am not aware of

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