Time Management Tips For NDA Aspirants During COVID19 Pandemic

Union Public Service Commission has already released the dates for NDA 1 2021 and NDA 2 2021 written exams i.e. dated 18th April 2021 and 5th September 2021 amidst this pandemic. Aspirants were uncertain about their preparations and many were fearing the cancellations of the exam this year due to the worldwide impact and lockdown of the entire nation. Since the exam dates are released and there are around 180 days for the next upcoming examination aspirants to buckle up, prepare and face the NDA written exams. But these are different times and the normal approach won’t do much good in these hard and uncertain times. That’s why NDA aspirants should be ready for some new approaches regarding their time management and mental strength that may strategically support them to prepare for the NDA Written exam.

Let’s look at some approaches that you can take for good to maximize your time and wellbeing under a new kind of pressure:

  • Do one task/subject at a time:

We’ve all been tempted to do multitasking in our daily life and the same is with our studies too. You might think that you can keep track of your studies as well as frequent social media updates. Trust me! You can’t and you shouldn’t. The basic human psychology shows that a human mind can’t perform two cognitive tasks at once and if they are doing that their attention is sure to be divided into those things and that will lessen their optimum concentration for both of the tasks. You are studying Geography and suddenly your Instagram notifications buzzed and you will forget what you are doing at that moment and will check our Instagram account. The results can be hazardous as you will be taking enough time to resume from where you left and of course, the concentration will be diminished. This act of multitasking costs us both time and cognitive capacity as we tend to become slower.

  • Prioritize

When the lockdown happened and you started taking classes from home or simply being at home – you thought that you will be more productive and do a lot of things as finally, you got the time to finish important tasks and perform a self-analysis for the upcoming SSBs and written exams like NDA. But that didn’t play outright for most of us as things tend to happen differently when a worldwide pandemic is going on. You can plan out your days as well as weeks to prioritize the subjects that require the most attention and practice from you. You should know that how much time you have in your hands and how much of that you can put to productive study. You also need to know about the subjects in which you are facing the problem and need help as they will take most of your time while you should also know about those subjects that you can ace with just a simple revision. Time should be divided accordingly by setting weekly and daily targets in terms of topics and subjects.

  • Spend time on your well-being and mental health

It’s a known fact that we do our best work when we feel happy and safe but due to COVID-19 many of you must be in containment zones while some of your family members might have been suffering from the COVID-19 virus. The best you can do at such times is to do regular exercise within the safety net of your homes and to get enough sleep for good functioning. You can also start Yoga and meditation for good cognitive capacity and emotional state that is important even in non-pandemic times but now that we are at it, it’s vital for us. Focus on the syllabus and try to do as much as you can and not the entire syllabus in one go as you need to keep yourself ignited and motivated all the time.

  • Boost your Study Skills 

You should be focusing on certain things and ways that can enhance your preparation. Some of you may work better by writing notes and then revising them while some of you understand things better by watching some video lectures. You need to organize your schedule as well your study plan and keep them both in synchronization so that when you are studying – your mind is clear and you can blend studying with proper productive learning. 

  • Don’t step out and study from Home

As I stated earlier that it is dangerous to venture out and during these times you can’t go to conventional classroom teaching then why shouldn’t we try something new that is giving us everything and even better than the classroom teaching in the form of online courses. Online courses can be more convenient and affordable than classroom teaching. SSBCrackExams have brought you such extremely interesting and engaging courses. If you are preparing for NDA written exams then you should check out the NDA Online courses that consist of full lectures for every topic, mock tests, lesson plans, quizzes that will enhance your performance. You can download the SSBCrackExams App from google play store for a better learning experience. 

  • Create a dedicated study space for yourself

There must be a place in your home where you can associate yourself with studying and that place helps you in getting more productivity. Choose a simple table and chair with proper lightning and start the study with a self-customized routine that works for you. Don’t forget to keep a picture of one of your ideas in front of you for motivation.

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