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6 Tips to Prepare for CDS 2 2023 Exam at Home

The Combined Defence Services Examination CDS 2 2023 is going to be conducted on 03rd September 2023 (SUNDAY). CDS exam is conducted twice a year by the Union Public Service...

The Combined Defence Services Examination CDS 2 2023 is going to be conducted on 03rd September 2023 (SUNDAY). CDS exam is conducted twice a year by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit deserving candidates for Officers posts in the Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy, Indian Naval Academy, and Indian Air Force Academy. 

The candidates who clear the CDS exam are invited for the SSB interview by their respective boards. This process further goes to medical examination and final selection.  The CDS exam is one of the most competitive exams in India related to the defence field. Around 3 lakh candidates applied for the CDS exam and approx 2 lahks appeared for the exam, making it one of the most looked-after examinations in India.

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CDS 2 2023 Important Dates:

CDS 2 2023 Important Dates: UPSC has published the CDS 2 2023 notification and important dates. Let’s have a look at the schedule for CDS 2 2023 exam.

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CDS 2 2023 Application Start Date17 May 2023
CDS 2 2023 Application Last Date06 June 2023
CDS 2 2023 Exam Date03 September 2023 (SUNDAY)
CDS 2 2023 Admit Card Download Date3 weeks before the exam
CDS 2 2023 Result Date (Expected)Oct – Nov 2023
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CDS 2 2023 Official NotificationCDS 2 2023 Notification

These tips and tricks will help the candidate in preparing for the CDS exam at home. But before jumping to the tips directly, let us first understand the exam pattern of the CDS exam for a better understanding of the preparation strategy related to it. 

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CDS Exam Pattern 2023

The CDS exam Pattern 2023 is for all the branches is the same, but there is a slight difference for the OTA exam. The CDS exam for the Indian Military, Indian Navy and Air Force Academy Exam is divided into 3 sections, whereas the Officers’ Training Academy Exam is divided into 2 sections.

The papers of all branches will be conducted in offline mode. The details are as follows:-

UPSC CDS Exam Pattern for IMA, INA, and AFA

The three sections to be included in the IMA, INA, and AFA are English, GK, and Elementary Mathematics. Each section will carry 100 marks, and the time allotted for each section will be 2 hours.

SectionsDurationTotal Marks
English2 hours100
General Knowledge2 hours100
Elementary Mathematics2 hours100

UPSC CDS Exam Pattern For Officers’ Training Academy

The only difference in the OTA is that the Elementary Mathematics section is not included in this exam. The time duration will be 2 hours and the maximum mark will be 100 per section. 

English2 hours100
General Knowledge2 hours100

Other notable points regarding the CDS exam pattern:-

  • 0.27 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer.
  • Each question will carry one mark.
  • The question paper will be in English and Hindi medium. 
  • The paper will have multiple-choice questions and an OMR sheet will be provided to the candidates. 

Now, we will move further and discuss the 6 Tips to Prepare for CDS Exam at Home:-

Practice mock test papers 

Mock test papers hold great importance when preparing for any government exam. And when it comes to a tough exam like CDS, solving most tests is a must. There are many sites on the internet that provide free mock test papers to candidates. Candidates can take help from these sites and solve CDS exam mock tests to get their preparation done.  One of the most trusted sites that provide CDS exam mock tests is SSBCrackExams. Candidates can approach this portal and get the CDS exam mock test for practice. 

  • CDS Mock tests will help in analysing the weakest points before the CDS exam.
  • CDS exam Mock tests will assist in comprehending the exam pattern and style.
  • The CDS mock tests will help the candidate in applying their knowledge and getting command over the CDS exam.
  • By solving mock tests, the candidates will remember the syllabus of the CDS exam, which is very vital before appearing for the actual CDS exam. 
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Solve previous year’s papers

Previous year question papers were a tool to analyse the pattern of the UPSC in asking questions in CDS exams. The previous year’s papers,  help candidates in getting an idea of the type of questions that can be asked in the CDS exam. Also, solving the previous year’s question [paper helps in getting command over the exam pattern and syllabus of the CDS exam.

  • The previous year’s question paper helps in analysing the trend of questions that can be asked in the CDS exam.
  • It helps candidates evaluate themselves before sitting in the CDS exam for real
  • Solving the Previous year question paper helps in managing the allocated  time effectively.
  • The Previous year question paper helps in preparing, planning and executing the strategies in time for the CDS exam.

Take the help of standard books 

The knowledge of basic NCERTs is not enough for appearing and cracking the CDS exam. The questions of the CDS exam belong to a high level than just NCERTs. So, what can the candidate do?  The candidates can go for standard books that are prescribed for the CDS exam. These standard books will help in elevating the knowledge of the CDS aspirant. Candidates can also look for some guides related to the CDS exam and prepare for it at home.  Standard books help in increasing the knowledge area of the aspirants and prepare them for the level of CDS exam. Standard books are a major structure over the base, which is NCERTs. Guides related to the CDS exam can be taken into consideration.

Take online coaching

Online coaching is the new and perfect alternative for many aspirants these days. With student-friendly courses and time-friendly CDS modules, online coaching can be a life-turning decision for the aspirants. Online coaching, guide the aspirants, help them work on their weak areas. The course module provided by this online coaching will help in completing the syllabus in time. 

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One such online coaching provider for the CDS exam is SSBCrackExams which is the most trusted defence exam online tutoring site solely dedicated to defence aspirants. They provide time-based course module, one on one personal attention and test series which helps the candidates to prepare for the CDS exam from any remote area. Online coaching will help in guiding the candidates. They will help in covering the CDS syllabus in time. They provide test series which helps the candidate to practice for the CDS exam. Online coaching s can be the best alternative when preparing from home for the CDS exam.

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Read the newspaper daily

Reading the newspaper might feel like a hectic task, but this is very important when preparing for the CDS exam. Most questions come from the GK and English. To make these areas strong, the candidates can look for the newspaper strategy. Reading newspapers will aware the candidates aware of daily current affairs and boost their confidence in English.  Reading newspapers should be a must for the CDS aspirant. Newspapers help in getting aware of the daily happenings, out of which questions can be asked in CDS exams.  Reading newspapers has proved to help the candidate in enhancing their skills in English speaking and writing. 

Work on weak areas and revise regularly

Every aspirant has some weak and strong areas which they encounter during their preparation. The strong areas work as a plus point for the candidate, but the weak areas can affect the score of the candidate in the CDS exam. To avoid this, the candidate should focus more on their weak areas.  Some candidates find themselves weak in mathematics, so they should give more time to practice maths sums in order to get command over the subject.

  • Work on the weak areas constantly.
  • Don’t escape the weak areas, instead give it more time. 
  • Weak areas should be compensated with more guidance, coaching and extra practice. 


So, here in the above article, we have discussed the most effective 6 Tips to Prepare for CDS Exam at Home. These tips will surely work if the candidate is persistent, consistent, and positive in their approach.  The CDS exam is undoubtedly one of the toughest examinations to be held in India, with more than 2 lakh candidates appearing for it in 2023. But this number should not scare the candidates who are hard-working and consistent in their approach to preparing for the CDS exam. Further, do comment and tell us your approach for the CDS exam 2023.

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  • First you read carefully the notification of cds exam OK. The English and Gk section have 120 questions for 100 marks so each question 0.83 marks and negative marks is 0.27 not 0.33
    You need to learn syllabus OK first
    You learn then you provide coaching or study materials OK. Fool

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