To mark the 75th anniversary of the NCC, PM Modi issues a special coin

PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi unveiled a specially minted coin of Rs 75 denomination on Saturday in Delhi, as part of an event commemorating the NCC’s 75 years of success. Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Modi stated that India’s defense sector reforms benefit the country’s youth. He went on to say that in the last eight years, the number of women in police and paramilitary forces has more than doubled.

“Today, we see women deployed in all three wings of the armed forces,” PM said. Highlighting the concept of ‘Yuva Shakti,’ Modi stated that the youth of the country is the main reason why the entire world is looking towards India today.

“Yuva Shakti is the driving force behind India’s development,” he stated. The NCC rally was held at the Cariappa Ground in Delhi to commemorate the organization’s 75th anniversary. Notably, 196 officers and cadets from 19 different countries took part in the rally.

75 Years of NCC

“NCC is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Over the last 75 years, those who have represented NCC have been a part of it. I am grateful for their contribution to nation-building. India is proud of the NCC cadets’ determination and service spirit.” “As NCC cadets and youth, you represent an ‘Amrit Pidhi’ (Amrit generation) that will contribute to the development of the country and Atmanirbhar. We have all witnessed the role that NCC plays in our lives “He stated.

PM Modi praised the youth’s enthusiasm and stated that the youth would always be the country’s priority. “The youth of a country whose youth are full of enthusiasm and youth will always be that country’s priority. “Today’s India is also attempting to provide that platform for all of its young friends who wish to pursue their dreams,” he said. He also emphasized the opportunities available to young people as a result of the startup and digital revolution. “The youth are the primary beneficiaries of the Digital Revolution, Startup Revolution, or Innovation Revolution. The country provided youth with access to the space sector. The first private satellite was launched in record time. Similarly, the animation and gaming industries are a source of talent.

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