Ultimate 7 Pointer Guide For Defence Aspirants – Vision 2020

“Living like a champion with the grace of a gentleman/lady”.

Greetings Ladies and Gentleman, warriors of the future and present. I, Sajal Roy[Recommended 22 SSB Bhopal, SSC Tech 43rd course, Indian Army, Merit in Medical out(2014)], take this opportunity to pen down Vision 2020.

Before I begin, I would like to express gratitude and heartfelt wishes to the aspirants, their family members. It is by virtue of aspirants and their presence that encourages us more and more each day. At the 25th day of 2020, I would like to emphasize on how Lifestyle plays an important role in shaping our success, ourselves and personality at large.  We all need to prepare to embrace that kind of lifestyle so that it helps us in all walks of life, we emerge as a confident person and lead our lives properly. This will enable us to become better and responsible citizens of the country.  

Therefore lets keep goals S.M.A.R.T (Specific + Measurable +Achievable +Realistic + time-bound).  It’s just a matter of 90 days and a little more maybe to shape up a proper lifestyle or develop better habits or so.

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1. Physical Body

Today, we are chained by our laziness and mood. We have become prisoners of mood swings or procrastination or something or  the other. One of the contributing reasons for this is that we don’t get our body moving. Sedentary lifestyle affects our mindset considerably. Lets take a pledge to care for our bodies by some form of minimal exercise each day, eating healthy food (no short junks for time saving ), adequate hydration and most important  personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is one of the most important things that are ignored in the fast-paced life. We all can make better efforts by keeping routine, having cleanliness habits, be best dressed as per situation at all times except when for retiring to bed.  Try to participate in a couple of 5k runs or walkathons or anything. The winning does not matter, what matters is the joy of finishing and feeling accomplished.  I personally always keep a small ball in hand and play against the ball. If there are events around in a city like corporate soccer or things at the college level, people can make their efforts to participate. With this, you will meet people, play with them etc and it will help your interpersonal skills. Physical mobility plays an important role in keeping our blood and creative juices flowing.  Once u make a start of a routine working out, you will observe significant improvement in all areas of life. But be advised, to consult any doctor before you begin a workout regime. 20 mins should be more than enough, but please take that first and no matter what mood swings treat your body as a temple.

2. Mindset

This is the next most important thing that has a significant impact on personality. It does matter how we think, how we present , how we take things , what attitude we keep when meeting failures etc.  So how can we make a rock hard mindset that will help us for ssb as well as enable us to lead in every day situation. Life is no less than a war, war with circumstances and so forth. Our focus should be to become the better leaders of tomorrow , after that getting recommended will just be a cake walk.

Reading Make a habit to read – Genre can be specific to self-help for a start, then read about military history, about how wars were fought, how tactics were laid, read about the country, current affairs and the length is endless but make sure to read. The mind is also a gym and motivation is a fuel.  So relentlessly we need to think good, do good, read good and keep the mind good. Reading has an unparallel advantage of letting you know the facts and figures. With this your lecturette, group discussion will get stronger. For academics and exams, more than the theory it is important to have a grip over previous year papers. Modern history, Indian polity, Indian geography and English, will be needed with the best knowledge grip. Practising previous year papers and tests is a must to ace any competitive exam. Read 1 chapter and then take up MCQs related to that chapter. This is back method and you will slowly get to know what all and which all area is important.

Make a habit to learn something each day: If you don’t get anything to learn, the then-current affair is the bare minimum thing you will find to learn each day. Try to embrace a creative hobby like the design or something an start learning. Take up educational workshops, training, participation in events and so forth. This will help you groom your personality and imbibe wisdom.

Input will lead us nowhere.  One needs to also make an effort for output. How about writing. Yes, it is one of the most ignored but significant aspects. Making notes, writing you learning, writing your goals, keeping charts, etc all is important. The input and output elements of learning should be balanced. If anyone goes little more we get lethargic. Quite often we might have seen that we keep reading and reading and don’t tend to remember. Hence, we get lazy. Get out of the comfort zone. Start writing. Remember the expectations of the board are far for the best. We have to be the best

Speaking:  This is perhaps by far the most significant element which affects many in SSB. Now the question of what we can do and whether we can do or not? The answer is we can. For people who are having initial challenges to speak in English, pick up any book and start reading aloud. Watch TV series and other shows with subtitles. Always keep the google or dictionary in hand. Make an effort to talk to people for the first 2 or 3 instances one is bound to feel shy. But with time it will become a cakewalk. Practice impromptu speaking by speaking for 1 min on any topic of your choice and of your language. Try speaking constructively in sequence. Then speak in English over time.  This will eventually build your speaking ability and orator skills. Whenever we are in a conversation, make sure to listen first and then speak.

Overcoming dilemma:  Trust your instincts. At a point of time when you might not have any experience or homework learn to trust your instincts. Somehow they always guide you. This is also very important for women safety.  There will always be a deadlock in life at some point in time. What we need to know, is we need to act on some decision. The outcome may be right or wrong but not taking a decision should never be an option.

Resilience:  By far this is one of the most concerning element. Are we really patient, or we are becoming desperate? Towards anything, it can be. Towards goals etc. One goal if we don’t achieve, we move on or take some of the other decision that is completely opposite. Start developing mental resilience. This leads to mental toughness. Embracing discipline as a way of life helps in building the same.

Reasoning:  One should always have a reason for everything. No one should live life by the flow of wind. IF you fail at something, make sure to have a legitimate reason. Don’t judge the validity of the reason. For example, a student can get fewer marks on account of more interests in sports. So if this reason is stated honestly, it is good. What matters is whether we are aware of why we failed and once we got aware of what efforts did we put to become better.  Differentiate between responsive behaviour and reactive behaviour.

Hobbies:  While it is not to have a fixed hobby at this fast pace of life. But still, it is relaxing to scribble something or just clicking or anything. Try to keep some hobby.

Habits:  This shapes what we become. For this year, let’s start a habit of not using slang or unparliamentary language in a fit of rage. Try doing this for a week and see the difference. Similarly, people can develop habits which they find challenging in nature. Give it a try. One of the lesser-known habits is “Habits of Chivalry”. Never ever raise voice in an argument. If there is disagreement, absorb the grudge or so but don’t engage in a heated argument with a raised voice. It will go simply against the code of conduct.  No matter what, hold the door open for anyone.  One can search more on “Effective Gentleman habits “ etc. This is never old school. One can educate themselves on effective table manner habits. There is a documentary in youtube stating the table manner habits as on armed forces.

3. Relationships

This is a significant element of life comprising family, friends, strangers and our loved ones. Remember one thing, always make an effort to be right. Always be the best behaved. Respond and react have a thin line of difference but it is very important to keep the difference. No one has seen tomorrow, hence lets never take the time, person or any situation for granted. This does not mean tolerate all wrong thing. We need to stand upright for the right and not tolerate the wrong. Just act responsibly.

4. Time

2020 will be the most productive year. This is indeed the major objective of 2020. That every hour is accountable. This does not mean that we need to work 24 hours. But we would keep hours engaged and not idle.  Especially when compared to the previous year. Time is the most valued treasure.  Try to keep your goals in a week on week basis and thereafter seek to attain goals. Time should be valued in a qualitative way too. Please remember, the uncertainty of any circumstance comes without a call. So always be prepared. What you think you can do it tomorrow, you may consider doing it today. This includes calling your friend or family member too. I want each one to have a responsible and great lifestyle so that we and our families do great.

5. Career/College/Work

Most of us fit into this bracket. Either we are working in some of the other private sectors, or into college. Remember, goal setting just does not end with goal setting, one has to enjoy the pursuit. Our present may be challenging and not in terms of our choice. But remember we have to excel in our present-day as well. Because these things affect our mindset. If we become future-oriented our stories will reflect future ended things and you will miss out on the present details. Hence as a best practice, no matter how bad is your present work or days, make excellence a habit. Make it your signature. Automatically you will see that the anxiety, frustration etc will vapour up. College students should completely focus on participation in all kinds of fests, speech and other youth competitions held by the college or other areas. Exposure is a must. Remember, that graduates are indeed expected to be a level up at their maturity level. People who work they can attend various seminars, webinars, focus on professional grooming areas etc. Winning is important but participation is a must. Try for a couple of occasions and see the results for yourself. During our careers, we might come across situations where we need to voice up something that is going wrong.  Don’t be afraid of things by anticipating an outcome. Take the lead but go through the channel.

6. Finances

Well, it is one of the least talked element but an important thing to build. Focussing on finances is not a taboo but a genuine responsibility. I remember, when I was a college student I used to make sure to build up savings and all. By participating and winning in fests etc , it used to help me. Try avoiding taking a year drop as much as possible, just for SSB prep. SSB is a personality test. Groom your personality, automatically you will qualify. We are expected to work once we pass out of college career. One can also start giving tuitions to build up their group influencing ability.

7. Giving Back

This is something which I have experienced a lot. Since 2010 I have been into a habit of going to old age homes on birthdays. Looking out ways to give back to the society or mentor anyone has a significant impact. We become more down to earth. By mentoring it helps us improve our group influencing abilities.

Don’t be afraid to share whatever you have learnt. Be proactive. Stop bothering as to what would the other person think . for example, If I see a situation where someone might need a suggestion or something, I will proactively go and ask. The other person might be rude but I have done my part and I will not react and take humble leave

These pointers cover 7 major areas of our lives. My objective is not 100 per cent but achieving at least 1 per cent better than I was yesterday. I am sure these points and areas will help you live a better lifestyle with better relationships and leadership outlook. Remember, quite often we might be surrounded in the circumstance that everything is so low. But then remember our larger perspective is to serve the country.   Being progressive with time is very important.   The conclusion always has an emotional connect between the writer and the reader but nevertheless, we are proud Indians and will always aspire to live to the fullest for the motherland. It is my honour to have the opportunity to serve the aspirants in any way I can.

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