Why Induction Of MH-60 ROMEO Helicopter Is A Game Changer For Indian Navy?

The MH-60 Romeo Helicopter:

The MH-60 Romeo Helicopter is a twin turboshaft, multi-mission helicopter. It is based in the United States Navy and is manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft. It is an all-weather helicopter and is designed to support multiple missions with advanced sensors.

Why induction of MH 60 ROMEO helicopter is a game changer for Indian Navy

To reduce its footprint on ships, the latest modifications include the folding main rotor and a hinged tail.

The helicopters were first introduced in 1984 and are still in service.

The Australian Navy, Turkish Navy and Spanish Navy are its primary users.

MH-60 Romeo Helicopters in the Indian Navy:

The Indian Navy has signed a deal with the United States Navy to procure 24 MH-60 Helicopters for an estimate cost of $2.4 billion. The signing of the deal marks a new dawn for the collaboration of the Indian and US Navy’s. The helicopters will be procured under Foreign Military Sales.

Two helicopters we handed over to India at the Naval Air Station in North Island, San Diego, last year for training of the Indian crew in the United States. The ten-month training period came to an end earlier this year.

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The first batch of helicopters is expected to be delivered to India by June-July this year. The MH-60 Romeos will be replacing the British Sea King helicopters which are currently in service.

These helicopters are submarine-hunting. The helicopter will further be modified with weapons and equipment unique to India.

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The Indian Navy currently uses the Boeing P8i for anti-submarine operations. The aged Sea Kings are now mostly used for transport which is why this deal going through is a game-changer for the Indian Navy. These helicopters are capable of performing anti-surface, anti-ship, and anti-submarine warfare missions.

The MH-60 Romeos can track submarines, engage with them, perform a search and rescue, aid in personnel transport and logistics support and also help with medical evacuation and surveillance.

These helicopters have three-dimensional capabilities and will aid India in enhancing its defence against regional enemies. Equipped with hellfire missiles and night vision devices, these Lockheed Martin Corporation helicopters are one to reckon with.

These helicopters will play a critical role in the surveillance of the Indian Ocean where the Chinese Military pose as a continuous threat.

The combination of the Boeing P8i along with the MH-60 Romeos will make submarine hunting and surveillance even stronger for the Indian Navy. 

The helicopters will be crucial for when the Indian Aircraft Carrier, INS Vikrant, would sail as its three-dimensional capabilities covering the surface, air and water will be useful in detecting foreign enemy forces.

As seen above, the MH-60 Romeo Helicopters are a game-changer for the Indian Navy. They have three-dimensional abilities and are submarine-hunting.

With their ability to be armed with missiles and further being modified with Indian equipment, these helicopters will prove to be deadly. Their role in detecting and engaging with enemy submarines cannot be understated.

This military deal between the Indian Navy and the US Navy will change the military dynamics in the Indian sub-continent.

The Indian Navy has made a wise decision of replacing the British Sea King Helicopters with modern and advanced technology made MH-60 Romeos.

I hope this article was informative and helpful in learning about the military deal between the two countries.

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