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Difference Between Withdrawal, Relegation, and Resignation in IMA, INA, AFA, OTA & NDA

The first step of being a defence aspirant is to know certain terms and conditions that hold great importance in defence. There are certain terms with different meanings and aspects...

The first step of being a defence aspirant is to know certain terms and conditions that hold great importance in defence. There are certain terms with different meanings and aspects in the army. Some of those terms are Withdrawal, Relegation, and resignation.

Difference Between Withdrawal Relegation and Resignation in IMA INA AFA OTA NDA

Here we are going to discuss these terms to help the aspirants get an idea about the differences these terms hold in comparison to each other. 

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Resignation – With the very selection of the candidate in  IMA, INA, AFA, OTA & NDA, he enters into an environment full of discipline, harsh conditions, and rigorous training. Feeling fatigued and tired is the part of the training process which becomes normal after some days. 

This training period to not at all near to any civilian life. The purpose of this harsh training is to prepare the cadets mentally, physically, and emotionally so that they can sustain any tough unfavorable situations. 

They are trained to develop officer-like qualities. But there are certain candidates who find it very difficult to adapt to those conditions. Due to the harshness in training and other factors, they find it difficult to accommodate and adapt to the army training life. So, in that case, the cadet is allowed to resign. And that is what is called resignation. 

Although there are certain rules and procedures to resign also. So, let us have a look at that!

  1. The cadet who is resigning must pay all the allied charges, and training costs as decided by the government.
  2. The cadet will have to refund the Stipend, travel allowances, clothing expenditure and other elite charges before departure. 

Exception:- if any cadet is resigning from one defence training institution to join the other, then the candidate will be exempted from paying the training cost and other charges. As his case will be considered unconditional. 

Suppose, a cadet wants to resign from OTA Gaya, to join IMA or any other defence institute, then he would not have to pay the specified training cost and allied charges.

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Relegation – there can be certain reasons the basis which cadets can be relegated to junior terms. These terms are discussed below!

  1. If the cadet misses the training for more than 42 days. Either due to medical reasons or any other reasons. It could lead to the relegation of the cadet.
  2. If the cadet fails to achieve the minimum standards set by the academy in the stipulated time, it can become a valid reason for his relegation.
  3. If the desired officer-like qualities and discipline are not outshined in the candidate after the stipulated training, the candidate might be relegated to the junior term.

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Withdrawal – the cadets can be withdrawn from the training process if they fail to meet certain criteria. This means that the cadet will no more be trained, and his candidature would be considered to be void/ rejected.

These criteria are as follows!

  1. If the candidate is given relegation two times continuously, then he can be relegated from the training. 
  2. On medical grounds as well, if the candidate is unable to show up for the training process, then also he can be withdrawn. 
  3. Based on disciplinary grounds, the cadets might have to go out of the academy. 
  4. If the cadet has provided false information in the application process, then also on this ground, the candidate can be withdrawn from the academy.
  5. If the candidates fail to submit his original mark sheet due to any reason within 90 days of commencement of the training period, then also he will be liable to withdraw from the academy. 

Note:- even if the cadets break the training bond, get married while in the training process or do not accept the commission. Then he will have to provide the Cost of Training to the academy. 

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Hope this article has been able to remove your doubts regarding Withdrawal, Relegation and resignation in the IMA, INA, AFA, OTA & NDA context. Knowing these terms was very important. We have also discussed the ways these terms can be used practically in the army. Follow SSBCrackExams for more such articles informing about Defence. Jai Hind!

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